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Discussion in 'General' started by Anashel, Jun 20, 2014.

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    I don't want to sound like a suck up, but that does put thoughts in a better light. I rather have a "passport" rather than Trophies, but I initially thought the feature "Trophy" was just a word for the placeholder of the idea of exactly what you're describing. Plus...I wanted to start the spitballing of ideas; then felt awkward as I was the only one that replied for over an hour haha.
    I am also for the "timezone" or availability inclusion somewhere (other than sig) and our strengths/(not so weaknesses). It would help with saving efforts and having agents share their "resources/abilities" on time-sensitive things.
    As I type this, more replies are popping so yes Inanna is right, your gold member tag is overlapping. And yes Nikel I get what you meant, I too remember the End of Days "after-party" with nomination galore and nebulous selection of Medic peeps. History breeds wisdom I believe, and as such we can emphasize the pros/cons via our experiences.
    Vomher is right; nominating isn't the right way. Rather, a pre-selected checklist for being eligible for a title is a better option, as it would be *set in stone* so to say. Firmer trust in the system that way. I am still however, very positive that "special" title should be a thing.
    Maybe like Santiak said the title history, or previously gained titles, or mutable title table (tricky alg for that one, shouldn't be into it unless sureness is in bounds).
    Yay more ideas!
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    Well, they thought there was a clothing item. As one of the original medics, I never got anything signifying anything concerning the medic except for the feeling of kudos. Which was fine, because I wanted to help others, not care about whether I got a pat on the head about it.

    I do agree with the point brought up earlier that post counts can be 'bad' because people make lots of messages that hold nothing substantial, but I do feel there's a value in them in general. People can view a person's profile here and see if they've been giving a bunch of nonsense posts or whether they've actually been useful, and with the like system, I feel there's enough counterbalances in place that post count stays a useful concept.

    Community awards always do make me nervous because they tend to turn into popularity contests and even politics. The "Who do I support and suck up to in order to get backing later myself". While that could be a very interesting social experiment, it can breed hard feelings. It's one of those mixed bag things as well. While I'm sure in the long run the game will have definable things in which to weight the advantages, until then, any sort of community support needs a larger community in place. You want to reward people who have been around and given the extra effort to help others, but you don't necessarily want to make newer players feel like there's no point in joining in either because they can't ever be 'as important'... I dunno if that even made sense. Just some thoughts, I guess.
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  3. Santiak

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    Had a thought just now (leave me alone, it happens!)
    While it may be a bit "meh", it's one of those things that I personally find to be a fun side-dish to any game: personality comparisons. Much like FunCom did, and much like was included in the DVM package.

    I was contemplating whether or not it would be a worthwhile idea, to add that planned quiz, to either one of the upcoming Kickstarter packages, or to one of the Forum packages. I assume - perhaps incorrectly - that the majority of the costs surrounding the DVM package, was the actual mission itself, and not the expenses towards the personality test, albeit it would be carried out by an agency that specializes in such tests, if memory serves.

    Seeing as the personality tests would be professional either way, some measure of credence could be lended to them - regardless of whether or not people are answering "in character". This could in turn be a fun - and useful - cosmetic aspect to add to our profiles; if we so choose, of course.

    How to portray it exactly, is another debate - of course. My initial thoughts were something along the lines of either a specific colour, for example the border of our Avatar, an "official" signature, or perhaps a faint watermark in our posts/avatar sidebar, which would correlate to icons explained in the Trophy section of the forums.
    Or a mix of all, of course, so there's room for both "generalized" test results (or "cheaper", if you will), as well as more detailed test results.

    As mentioned, this would - of course - be optional; we could even make a "neutral" watermark/colour/hard-to-break cipher for those who opt to not include their tests results (and maybe leak them in future missions? huehue).

    In any case, that level of categorization is what I'd imagine an organisation such as The Black Watchmen to administer their agents to - and as mentioned, a fun side-dish, as long as it's done in an official, recognized manner.
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  4. TheChosenOne

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    I think Anashel mentioned that we are getting a test on our fears etc. which will totally be used against us over the course of the PARG.
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  5. Anashel

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    Oh yes, it will. Down to all the gruesome details we can squeeze out of you.
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  6. Ruke Unlimited

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    I'm terrified of the dark. And that terror thrills me. >:D
  7. TheChosenOne

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    And we love you for it. :p
  8. Asariel

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    I personally like this idea: though many quizzes can be silly, if they are done well, they give a sense of belonging and identity.

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