Black Watchmen Comic Book - Request For Application

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  1. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    My past is partly forgotten, much of the rest I'd like to forget.
    My code is simple, treat other people the way I'd like to be treated.
    My hope is to be judged by what I do, not what I've done.
    My life is dedicated to helping those who need it - to make things right.
    Those who know me think I strive for redemption, maybe that's true.
    I like to think life is less complicated this way - and it has been - until recently.
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  2. Zodiac

    Zodiac Senior Agent


    When the man in the fine suit got out of the limo, he did not notice the observer on the other side of the street. He had just finished an important phone call to Japan and put his phone back in his pocket. The apartment where he lived was modern and tastefully decorated. Security locks on the doors, an alarm system that deserves more cost than the average New Yorker in his life, a bodyguard 24h around the clock at his door. He felt perfectly safe.
    As he later poured a Scotch, he did not hear his bodyguard died with open eyes. He was dead before he hit the ground. Blood soaked his suit and yet he had no sound can give of themselves.
    When he was looking from the 45th floor over his city a few moments later, he also did not hear how someone approached silently from behind. He was just thinking of the millions he had earned again today, as through him a deep pain. Incredulous, he looked down at himself. Saw the sword with his glowing runes that sticking out of his torso. Blood began to flow. A moment laterhesankwithout a second thought. He was dead.
    2 hours later a whole CSI department would search the apartment meticulously. But it would be there are no traces. No DNS. No fingerprints. No message. Only an open safe and the dead was all they had. The senator had many enemies. But no one thought it would be possible that someone would be able to lay hands on him. Nobody would dare. Now he was dead.
    In the 3rd Street Zodiac sat on his sunglasses and gave his client is a small, unassuming package. His job was done. Seconds later he was gone.

    - Zodiac -
    I'm the one you call for the jobs that no one else does. Deadly. Precise. Reliable. Always one step ahead I take care of each order as a precision movement. I am emotionless? Perhaps. My real identity - long forgotten. Once just a code name I AM now Zodiac. Deadly, more dangerous than ever before. With all modern information systems available to me, I leave nothing to chance. My Orders - carefully planned, executed precisely. I leave no trace, only death.
    But there is also this other side within me. It's not only me. It is some kind of dark power, something that I can''t control, something which is leading me. There are dark rituals and even darker things nobody should speak out loudly. But I know all about them. I'm used to use them for my advantage - or am I the one who is used? Nobody can tell. And this dark side makes me even more dangerous, more deadly. I am Zodiac!

    - The player behind -
    Playing TSW since beta this game connected to the real world changed my way of playing games. I followed all ARGs intensively. Never before something got me that way TSW and the ARGs do. Solving puzzles, being part of the community, being part of the game is awesome. With my German blog I even won the German community reward in the "A New Missions Begins" ARG (Tushak, that's me) and I also was in the top 10 of the most active players during that ARG (
    I am a Black Watchman. And I always will be. It changed me. Now I want to be part of it. It's amazing.
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  3. Grim-Angel53

    Grim-Angel53 Senior Agent

    I'm a Sniper.
    The Story -
    I began my journey finding the 33 Gate. When I found it, I was perplexed, and wanted to solve it. I dived into the conversations around it, learning everything I could. Conversing, exchanging information, and forging bonds allowed for me to stay connected in the world, even as we all began to manifest new and amazing powers. Our journey took us everywhere, from the darkest recesses of the net to a stream of a wall of paper. Screams of A4 and a constant melody of Dies Irae were very normal in those days. I began planning, and helping to connect other agents together. I helped to stop the morninglight "end of days" and worked in the Situation Room. I have continued to delve into the rabbit hole, to keep working with The Black Watchmen. As I've delved deeper, I've found new places, new dangers, new friends, and new powers. Now to use them for the Watchmen.

    The Agent -
    My name is Grim. My strength is in creating that connection and unity. Seeing something coming, and playing against it. I'm a tactitian, that's all there is to it. I Am A Black Watchmen.

    The Player behind the Agent -
    I have participated in the 33 Gate, and the End of Days Situation Room. I love the ARGS scene. It's fantastic. I love the storytelling and the play-style. The sense of community fostered by these games just makes me hopeful and pleased with the industry. I was very active in 33 Gate, and it was what sparked my interest in ARG's. I also was in the top ten most active players in the forums during the game, much like @Zodiac (my name is Grimangel53 if you wanna look at his link). I still pick up and get back into TSW when I have the time, and I am one of the Survivors of Dies Irae. I can't wait to play this game.
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  4. Artos

    Artos Senior Agent

    I didn't ask for nor want any of this.

    Who in their right mind would? Regardless, knowing what I know and seeing the things I've seen make it impossible to bury my head in the sand and hope it'll simply pass. Besides, that's not quite in my nature. You see, I'm the guy who needs to know. Who needs to research; to find answers. I've been that way my whole life. I guess that's why I chose to study parapsychology in the first place. I had to know what's out there. I just HAD to. Maybe there is something wrong with the way I'm wired but for reasons I can't explain I seem to have this uncontrollable compulsion to try and find an answer to everything.

    That's my gift I'm told. If you can even call it that. The desire to keep going until every stone has been unturned; Every lead followed. They call it a gift. I call it a pain in the ass that always gets me into situations I'd just as soon have nothing to do with. That's why I think they chose to seek me out. In their eyes I'm a scientist constantly looking for things that should probably be left alone. In my eyes I'm just a guy to stupid to know when to quit.

    Over the course of my life I've spent a lot of time searching for what lies just beyond our sight. I've found some answers too. Answers I won't go into here for obvious reasons. One little piece of advice I will give though is this: There is no need to fear the dark but you had better respect it. More often than not the things that are found lurking there are not seen for a reason. Do yourself a favor and remember that.

    There you have it. That's me in a nutshell. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Name's Nathaniel Kane but to The Black Watchmen, the group that sought me out and likes to utilize my unique investigative talents I am known simply as "Artos".
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  5. riningear

    riningear Division-79


    The Internet is not a vast sea, but an incredible urban landscape full of nooks and crannies, lush parks and derelict empires. I know the people, and the routes they take, and the way they speak and live. And I live for it.

    With that said, Barbizon was just another hotel constructed in the middle of it all. Of course, it appeared out of nowhere in the middle of basic metatag searches of modeling classes - wandering through sites and absorbing details is a general hobby of mine - but it appeared with little to no trace. I clicked and saw a site, one that, if I were not who I am, I would just believe to be under construction.

    It wasn't under construction. It was fully built. It appeared sketchy, and it absolutely was. References to Dante. Watermarks. Links to videos. And then, the pigpen sent chills down my back as I slowly read to myself the deciphered code. I leaned back in a rare moment, one in which I pulled my eyes and mind away from the screen, piecing together what it all meant.

    It was a message. But it wasn't for me. At least, not yet. My small dorm stood still, illuminated by merely the light of the screen and the glow it gave off my body, the atmosphere dead as I attempted to move my mind away from this.

    A few days later, my sister reached out to me. She was supposedly based out of New York City but currently working in London, but somehow, she wanted to meet me the next day for coffee near my little college in New England. That was fine. But it was odd - New England from London, from New York? And it was a weekday, and I suspected she had work, she always said she was so busy.

    Much of what she said was vague, but the basic gist of it was that I knew a lot more than I should have, and I stepped into the deep end of some shit. Her coworkers saw my activity on that website, and now, I was under watch.

    And there were conspiracies and plots that I wouldn't even believe existed, that video bloggers with tinfoil hats wouldn't even dream of piecing together. She was now part of some of those. And she gave a solemn expression, and said I would be part of others, ones that she didn't "have clearance to investigate," that "other organizations were taking care of," that were beyond her "scope."

    "And that's a lot," she muttered, "considering what I deal with." She casually flicked her middle finger off her thumb, and a flash of light - in hindsight, it was absolutely lightning - blinked, jumped a bit through the air, and vanished nearly just as quickly. All I could do was stare for a second, and she smirked at me.

    In that moment, I realized - in the vast landscape, I jumped head-first into the rabbit hole. But if my suspicions were right, hopefully, there were others to meet at the bottom, with different skills and tools to understand where exactly we were, what was down here, and how to survive. We were all part of the same mazes, at the end of it all.

    "Stay in school." My sister's last words of advice rang in my mind as I opened up an out-of-place email.

    ((Wow, I actually wrote up some backstory today. Didn't even know this thread existed. I'll also stare at this and edit it, like, five times))
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  6. Grim-Angel53

    Grim-Angel53 Senior Agent

    @riningear good to hear that more of us are being picked up or notified out there by others with access to Anima. Having access to your Anima is rather...interesting. Leads to quite a lot of experimenting.
    Hopefully we'll find a few more, and hopefully the other agencies don't interfere too much with us. It's been rather exhausting to be quite frank to get around these people.

    This shall be interesting.
  7. Mustafa Said

    Mustafa Said Senior Agent

    JOJO! You found your way here! OMG Yay! It's always nice to see old friends in new locations! do you like the Watchmen? :)
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  8. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Agent Zekh.

    Mostly Scientist.

    "What the fuck is science ?" is almost written on his forehead.
    This guy is like totally in his own dimension, like he's the only one in there and explores reality with his own, unique viewpoint. A viewpoint he finds interesting and funny because of seems to see much more than the others.
    Walls are covered by his drawings or writings, paper is too mainstream. When he starts thinking, his mind MUST bleed ideas on all surfaces avaliable, that's why he's always got pens and writing stuff on him. People says he's on the brink of sanity, seeing conspirations, aggressions and traces of occult oppression everywhere, maybe that's why he's working for the Watchmens.

    Quantum stuff is his favourite subject, especially the mystery that surrounds his new, shiny toy : The Situation Room.
    He spends hours in there, staring at the static. Hoping that he'll detect some secret whispers of the universe. Truth through the static, flashy, furious flickering dots of light buzzing on a screen, just like his mind, his spirit. Is that static or a simple mirror ?
  9. Mustafa Said

    Mustafa Said Senior Agent

    Mustafa Said, at your service.

    College student. Lived a rather average life until I somehow found a random website in my computer(not making this up).

    Led me to the Black Watchmen. Stumbled into the forums, confused and a bit nervous.

    Here I am. That random reference on my screen...not a lot of things are random. Someone believed I would push the link. Someone knew I would. And so, I investigate alongside all of you. To find myself. To find the reason I was meant to be here.
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  10. Svyaz

    Svyaz Senior Agent

    Svyaz (real name lost to history) was a former intelligence agent, going to Yale on a Poli Sci scholarship. His past was never behind him, and will never leave him.

    Growing up in North Carolina with a family that has a background in working for intelligence agencies, he was accustomed to guns. His father, a former Special Activities Division sniper, taught him the social skills of duplicity, and the know how with a gun.

    The Watchmen offered him a job, so he dropped out and looked deep inside. Was he a scientist? No, he was smart, but not an egg head. Soldier? Absolutely not. Cyber-Agent? You're getting warmer. No, none of those. He was a shadow, one to maneuver through circles, one to create a web that no one could get out of. He was elusive.

    So, Sniper it is. He's gregarious, a good social engineer, and most of all, tactically sound. If he wanted to trick you into shooting your sister, he could do it. He's calculating. His skill with a rifle, his ability to deceive, and his tactical genius make him fit for the job.

    ((I did say that "Svyaz" is who I am irl in a previous thread, but this is just me making up a character.))
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  11. La-souris

    La-souris Active Agent


    (Désolé, ce texte est en Français. Par Manque de Connaissance et de pratique de l'anglais, je préfère vous le donner ainsi)

    ~~ Personnages ~~

    Agent La-Souris (The-mouse)
    Nationalité: Française
    Lieu: Paris
    Spécialité: Agent de terrain "Soldat"

    Style vestimentaire: Jean's, chaussure de ville / botte randonné / T-shirt
    Armes: Fusil à canon scié / Pistolet / Corps à corps

    Physique: Jeune, cheveux souvent mal coiffé, barbe style bouc-collier. Blanc, cheveux brun, musculature apparence normal, taille 1m72.

    Intégration dans les Black watchmen: Inscription suite à l'invitation d'un ami

    ~~ Histoire ~~
    Extrait d'un journal mémoire:

    Journal... Je dois écrire quelque chose mais j'ignore quoi, moi qui me suis engagé dans cette agence nommée "The Black watchmen". Mes compétences en informatique sont moindre, je peux passer des heures à chercher à comprendre des choses sans résoudre quoi que ce soit! Voilà pourquoi je compte beaucoup sur les autres... De plus cette organisation aime utiliser diverses langues et majoritairement l'anglais... Je ne suis qu'un Français moi qui parle que cette langue, je n'aime pas l'école et l'anglais, je l'ai laissé de côté. Bon, je peux déchiffrer quelque petite chose et si besoin google-traduction est mon ami. Bref, dès que l'organisation me contact... Je cherche un peu mais, je dirige les informations auprès de personne compétente afin qu'ensemble nous pussions travailler.

    A quoi je sers? Moi, petit jeune de 25 ans, je suis bien physiquement, je suis attiré par ce qui est issu du paranormal. Certaines fois je ressens les choses que d'autres ne peuvent ressentir, j'entends ce que personne n'entend. Cela est rare mais c'est un don! Depuis, je fixe ce mur et attend... Je crois que j'ai choisi ma voie et ma destinée pour les Black Watchmen.

    Je serai leurs agents de terrain, en cherchant un peu et avec de la logique. Je suis arrivé au stade de me dire qu'il faut parfois se déplacer, voir de ses propres yeux. Je peux être un soldat, j'ai cela en moi... Un guerrier de l'ombre qui agit pour les millions de personnes qui cherchent inlassablement sur le net. Je vis dans la banlieue parisienne, mes enquêtes dans le mystère du monde sera ainsi et si je dois me déplacer et affronter la mort pour découvrir et sauver le monde, alors je le ferais...

    En tant qu'agent de terrain, il me faut des armes... Mes croyances religieuses surpassent celle des religions actuels. Je ne les remets pas en question, car le monde est vaste mais, je me cherche... Je vois que des choses restent sans réponse... L'alignement entre l'île de Paques, les pyramides d'Amérique du Sud et Keohps... Un alignement à 30° de l'Equateur... Le chiffre Pi π et le nombre d'or φ que l'on retrouve sur la pyramide... Les sumériens et leurs mystère... Je suis souvent perdu et je me remet en question, qui sommes-nous sur terre?

    A cause de cette remise en question, je ne suis pas croyant alors je n'aurais pas de talisman, de livre sacré sur moi... L'exorcisme ou autre? Peut être que cela marche mais, je n'y connais rien. J'ai surement tord mais, tant pis. Mes armes seront mes mains en majorité, bon combattant au corps à corps avec une expérience de free-fighter. Si je dois avoir une arme physique ce serait une lame ou un pistolet ou un fusil à canon scié discret et facile à transporter...

    Je suis celui qui agira sur le terrain, celui que les agents contacteront ou que la société contactera... Celui qui ira, là où il faut aller. J'ai pris mes avances et j'ai avec moi un moyen de communication ainsi je choisirai un de mes contacts pour parler avec lui sur le terrain... Je serai ses yeux, il sera mon guide... Il fera mes recherches tandis que moi j'affronterai le danger directement sur le terrain.

    Un soldat facile à remarquer... C'est un "non" que je réponds à cette question... Pas d'uniformes, pas de signe visible. Je serai vêtue simplement, souvent en jean's, chaussure de ville, t-shirt et petite veste pour le froid... Discrétion qui me donne le nom de "La-souris", petite fouine qui cherche, agit et se retire dans son trou... La mort, le paranormal, je l'affronterais avec crainte ou pas... Il faut des agents comme moi.
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  12. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Wow, good job La Souris! =) As for anyone wondering when the new character selection will be done, they will be selected based on your performance in Season 1.
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  13. Link

    Link Active Agent

    Does this apply to the second book as well?
  14. Svyaz

    Svyaz Senior Agent

    How will this be determined? Our performance?
  15. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I'd expect that those who show superb leadership in the community during season one, are the most active, or solve particularly challenging story missions are the most likely to be featured. Then again, it could be a lottery of active agents for all I know.

    Yup, all of the featured characters will be agents in the community, with guest appearances by NPCs I'm sure, but that's what it says in the Kickstarter page.
  16. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    They'll make their selections between the ones who contributed a lot, added their style to the story. It's like the way they explained the game, 50% is them (the comic book and universe) and 50% is us (our characters and our choices).
  17. Daedalus

    Daedalus Division-79

    Performance you say? How does bodycount factor into that? What if the bodies are ashes?
  18. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    Stop it Daed..we aren't basing this on bodycount... (I hope...or my robospider is going to have to expand his repertoire).
  19. Grim-Angel53

    Grim-Angel53 Senior Agent

    I'm just gonna have to set up a few new scenarios. And get my count up. Or just save a few. Time to work with more things in the Anima Stream.

    *leaves room to go begin preparations.*
  20. OCDCoder

    OCDCoder Moderator

    Some know me as Cherie. More know me as OCDCoder. As my participation here and in IRC has increased, I thought it was time to properly introduce myself and explain the path that brought me here.

    I lost my innocence regarding the nature of our world at an early age - too early, most would say - when, having long been bored of books for children, I began exploring other sections of our local library. I quickly discovered tales of things I'd never before imagined: alien races, spirits, mysterious occurrences, and other phenomena that science could not explain. As I grew older, my interests expanded to ancient mythologies, the occult, conspiracies... Mysteries and puzzles pull me to them as if they are magnets.

    In my teen years, I was introduced to H. P. Lovecraft, and my view of the world changed forever. Was his work purely fictional, or fact presented as fiction? The more I studied his writings, the less sure I became. As an adult, I began running Call of Cthulhu RPG campaigns. If I'm to be completely honest, this was partly to "legitimize" my interest in the subject matter and to give me an easy explanation for my constant research. And the more I researched, the more I discovered that the line where his "fiction" ended and other mysteries began was often so blurred as to be undetectable.

    I began to search for others like me. "Truth Seekers," those who wanted to understand the reality behind the world we were told existed, the world most others accept as fact. This first led me to Ingress: "The world around you is not what it seems." That one sentence pulled me down my next path.

    I assisted wherever I could. I started learning more about decoding, puzzle solving, soon meeting others willing to be my mentors, eventually mentoring others myself. Similar with the investigations. When I wasn't actively researching, I was coding tools to help other investigators, to facilitate the sharing of knowledge. My perceived understanding of the nature of reality is constantly changing, and however often I find myself in the role of teacher, I know I will forever be a student.

    As time went on, others began contacting me. Attracting attention was never a motivation for my work, but it was the result nonetheless. Some contacts I am now honored to call friends. Others, their identities will likely never be known to me. They exposed me to new sources of information, pulling me deeper, but most answers only led to more questions.

    Recently I was told of The Black Watchmen. With multiple very trusted sources pushing me in this direction, I listened. Whether I was "recruited" or simply nudged, I don't know, but within minutes of discovering this group, I began to feel as if this was the exact place I should begin focusing my attention. As I learned more, I became certain. I expect my involvement will be classified as Level Yellow, Level Green if possible. When I decide something is worth my commitment, I commit fully.

    I feel as if my skills fall somewhere between a Cybertech and a Scientist. At first glance, my many years of programming, more-recent experience with puzzles and ciphers (practicing encoding and decoding to improve my skills), and general interest in most computer-related subjects, would seem to push me toward the first. However I feel I can assist at least as much with researching. The amount of information in my own mind, my ability to recall information I've seen but not memorized, my access to research materials, and my obsessive attention to detail, have often allowed me to uncover pieces of puzzles overlooked by others and turn seemingly-unrelated scraps of information into useful knowledge.

    So I hesitate to put myself in one category or another, although I do realize that may be necessary at some point. I may go by OCDCoder, but my obsessions go far beyond coding, and I throw myself fully into every task I undertake. When people want something done thoroughly, and done right, no matter the time or energy involved, they come to me. I've now come here to offer my skills, my experience, my knowledge, and my dedication in any way necessary. If you need something done, I'll find a way to make it happen.
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