Alpha 0.8 Bugs

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by DanDG, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. KaoSway

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    Actually the command works, make sure you're using the right target URL, but if you're accessing this way the game doesn't count it as hacked.
  2. TheNorseMan

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    odd I had no problem with either of these.
  3. mujie

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    Using sfuzzer in mission for while you're in the emails node only completes the mission if you use "-i", even if a longer search finds filegateway.
  4. TheNorseMan

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    bob also has this problem

    ptp has no known vulnerability in the exploit database, it is however vulnerable to alpha
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  5. deadbeatsaint

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    Personally I am disliking the move towards dismantling the command line, and segregating the command line interfaces into a separate windows. At least give us the option to run everything from a single window. Also, I would really very much rather use the CLI instead of a GUI for foxacid. (And then if you want to use the GUI either click on button for it, or run the gui version from the command line: e.g. gui_foxacid)

    I'm not saying to get rid of any of the GUI tools, just don't destroy the CLI. It just feels very uncomfortable/unrealistic the way it is now. (And spawning a new window because I used a different command? Really?)
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  6. TheNorseMan

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    I agree. The exploit database only has one command, it feels odd to be required to type out a command for a console that can only do one thing.

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