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Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by Anashel, Feb 26, 2017.

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    Misleading Display Options in Launcher:

    I have three monitors and the launcher claims that monitor 1 is the left monitor, 2 in the middle, and 3 on the right. This is not how my desktop is set up, see screenshots below. Not sure if you're able to determine monitor position in the launcher, but if you can't then it would be best to get rid of the (left) and (right) for being misleading.

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    hey there i have a bug in this version that was not there mission 3 about get password the name of girl is samantha when you connected with regsitery to and then start the password hacking by type the url is and the username here is the problem when search with evans no one when search with samantha no one when search with samanatha evans no one...... i see it in turt in the mission start and it was evans or something like that but not evans i think this bug it should be evans not evanes or other thing iam stuck there any help

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    Form not founds means that the subdomain you currently have (filehost) does not have a login form. This means you need another subdomain to perform your password attack
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    yes sorry i forget to change it now i change it to with name evans tell me no user found?? samantha or evans no user found ?

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