AITDW Mission 4

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    AITDW 4-1 G͜uar̶di͠an

    Do you remember how to excuse your dear aunt Sally?

    Look at the circle and star-like pattern in front of you closely.
    W̶hat symbol is at the ̀center? ̧D̨oes ̶it ̶have a n̷umerical meaning?
    Are the dots arranged in a particular pattern?
    Is the star layered?

    What do our agents tell us in the document?
    What are we looking for? In what context is this object or entity found?
    Are there any words that are foreign to you in the document?

    B̖͎igger Nudge:
    Our symbol is the Greek letter between Y and X. (in this case, Y and X are not followed by Z)

    P͏erhaps ͞y͏ou ̢are ̸b́eing too rational. ̴We need t͝o ̧t͏ake advantage ͡of irrationality ̕h͞ere.

    H̵ow would ̧Julius C̛aesar w͡rite t̶he ́n͢umber ͘5?

    Some of the star's lines have beehive pattern, some have cubes, some look like marble and some have cracks. Look at the dots at the bottom closely.


    Our "guardian" is commanded somehow, and is paired with a different being.
    Look for that being and it may lead you to our demon.

    S̛tay̛ ̀g̡o̴ld.

    F̟̣inal Nudge:
    This constant is said to represent proportions so perfect, the relationship between parts is said to be golden.
    The whole is the short plus the long part, the whole is to the longer part as is the longer part is to the shorter part.

    When you do, keep in mind that phi(1) = 2, phi(2) = 6, phi(8) =9



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