AITDW Mission 1

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    The XXX in the url need to be replaced with your answers. :)
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    In case you need to find out more on a related event
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    AITDW 1-1 Guardian

    Do you remember how to excuse your dear aunt Sally?

    Look at the circle and star-like pattern in front of you closely.
    Are the dots arranged in a particular pattern?
    Is the star layered?

    What do our agents tell us in the document?
    What are we looking for? In what context is this object or entity found?
    Are there any words that are foreign to you in the document?

    Bigger/Final Nudge:
    Some of the star's lines have beehive pattern, some are smooth, some look like marble and some have cubes. Look at the dots at the bottom closely.


    Make sure you have a clear understanding of the territory.

    Our "guardian" is commanded somehow, and is paired with a different being.
    Look for that being and it may lead you to our demon.


    AITDW 1-2 Replication Signature

    4th Wall cracking Spolierish Detail that might be what you are looking for:
    This post was made in the year 2017 - but this mission takes place in 2016.

    Search pro tip: under the "Tools" menu in Google, you can set the engine to return results published within a certain range of dates.
    • Click on "Tools" - menus for "Any Time" and "All Results" will appear above the top result
    • At the bottom of the "Any Time" menu is an option to set a range of dates.

    Our materials mention many documents, but we are currently interested in the one the virus is focused on.

    The virus page mentioned here takes you to a page with a string of numbers with a familiar length. What could this be?
    It also mentions some URLs - have you visited any of these before?

    A document you find in the agency's system mentions another specific document, perhaps if we tracked it down we could find what we are looking for.

    The Agency's intelligence gathering is good - but it isn't immediate. There is usually some delay between a document's creation and our review of it.

    Bigger Nudge:
    When you visit the non-agency URL mentioned by the virus, you notice that the URL gains a suffix. Can you draw a connection to the suffix and any information in the document on that page?

    Read the email chain document carefully. What item is being discussed?
    Do you have any info that could lead to information about when that document was published and entered into the system run by the writer's organization?

    Read the email carefully - try to find out what date the email was written based on items mentioned within it.

    Final Nudge:
    An 'opening night' is mentioned - find out what day this transpired. That is the first step to identifying when the email was written.

    The email itself discusses a document - what does Linda actually say about this document?

    Associate the date you find with a string that is part of a URL on the non-Watchmen system mentioned by the virus.


    AITDW 1-3 Server Location

    Nudge (Only one):
    Our replication analysis mentions 3 terms ending in .exe. What do all these 3 terms have in common?

    The first exe is associated with the item in the second column, as is the second. Imagine the third is associate with a blank - fill this blank in.

    Okay fine, one more nudge:
    "I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.' I suppose we all thought that, one way or another."
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