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  1. Adriana

    Adriana Active Agent

    I see above that ...

    You have to copy and paste the IDs from the pdf rather than retype but where do enter them? I'm not sure if my combination is correct or I'm wrong about where to put them. I've been doing it at Enter Your Answer.
  2. Chaoseed

    Chaoseed Special Agent

    Yes. Although, make sure it's the RIGHT "Enter Your Answer". Are you talking about Mission 4, "Bio (Don't) Care"? Just to review the whole process...

    The first "evidence file" in the mission says "Go to Agent Map".
    You find the star icon in South Africa.
    Then you're at "Mission 1 Clash in the Dust", it shows some buildings with three icons.
    You click one of those icons and "Start Now".
    Then you see a mission screen dealing with a specific threat; you see the "evidence file" which describes the threat, and on the left is the "Enter Your Answer".
    So, THERE is where you enter the ID from the PDF.

    So if you're doing all that correctly, but not making progress...then you must have the wrong answer! (First try the puzzle on the left, the "snake" one. That one, in my opinion, is the easiest. ;) )

    INCIDENTALLY...I figured out the issue with copy-pasting. The PDF has hyphens, rather than the standard hyphen-minus.

    The hyphen is Unicode character U+2010. The character usually created by hitting the - key on your keyboard (on American keyboards, in certain word processing programs...) is the hyphen-minus, ASCII character 45, or Unicode U+002D.

    In order to find the "true" hyphen on an American Windows computer, you have to start the Character Map program, then select a font that actually has the hyphen (Arial doesn't, but Lucida Sans Unicode does); then you can go to Advanced view and search for "hyphen", which will bring up all the hyphens. The one you want is U+2010. Then you can double-click it to create one, and this lets you copy-paste it.

    So if you wanted, say, item PA-212, you could type "pa", paste the hyphen, then type "212". I've tried this, and it works!

    Or you could just copy-paste from the PDF...
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  3. Adriana

    Adriana Active Agent

    Oh I see, no I've got a few more steps to go it seems.

    Is the agent map the same one given to us by the rec agent? I haven't come across another one?

    Re the hyphen will cutting and pasting work the same on a Mac?

  4. Chaoseed

    Chaoseed Special Agent

    No, the agent map. Click the "world" icon at the bottom of the screen. Look at this picture:


    (I hope that's the same on Macs)

    I don't have a Mac myself, but...If you copy-paste from the PDF, like people have recommended, that should work?
  5. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    yes... copy pasting does seem to work
    but its weird and shouldnt be the standard
  6. Adriana

    Adriana Active Agent

    Thanks Guys!
  7. Enix

    Enix Active Agent

    I'm very sorry about this, but I feel like this is getting SUPER ridiculous.

    I'm stuck at Mission 3 - "Digging the Red Earth". I found the person in charge with everything outside of their usual homepage, yet there seems to be NOTHING that links them to the password I need to decrypt the .pdf at hand. I have tried numerous variations of terms associated with pictures, their locations, their creators, their dates of creation... nothing.

    And seriously, don't give me any variation of "Burning Man", because I've tried them all. /rant
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  8. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Since when do you put spaces in passwords ?
  9. Enix

    Enix Active Agent

    Alright, thank you.

    So it was just a problem of format, rather than my thinking.
  10. OfficerNoName

    OfficerNoName New Agent

    Read through all the hints on 2. 2. and I still canĀ“t figure it out. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Agent T.R.A.C.Y

    Agent T.R.A.C.Y New Agent

    Have no ideia on the first mission, guys. Can anybody help me?
  12. Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist Active Agent

    I agree. Both missions from the first part are missleading. The lead descriptions should be reworked - the answers do not fit with the occult phenomena or supernatural origin (but for this one, the answer is too vague... it should be more specific).
    Otherwise, the other missions are well done, in particular the last one, rather original.

    And good job with the video stuff.

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