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Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by amrmagdy744, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. amrmagdy744

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    i want help in the new update of ahanyro Capture.PNG
  2. zaelong

    zaelong Division-79

    there multiple ways you can go here;
    1) look up the image, it leads to a publisher;
    combine this with the text on the image, which notes a specific page in issue of there magazine; the story on that page is what you want
    2) look for the story that the voice is telling

    when you have the story, you use the numbers on the back as a bookcipher
    good luck
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  3. Cobra0422

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  4. Cobra0422

    Cobra0422 New Agent

    From what I can tell the numbers on the back do not follow the pattern of a typical such cipher
  5. codex-13

    codex-13 Archivist

    It's paragraph-word-letter
  6. Cobra0422

    Cobra0422 New Agent

  7. zaelong

    zaelong Division-79

    there are multiple ways this cipher can work, its a matter of trial and error until you get something readable

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