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    Hi agent!

    Today we wish to share our latest developments on the new Xkeyscore! We listened to your feedback and this was the tool that most needed critical improvement.

    Our survey revealed that while 90% enjoyed having a forensic data component, 49% wanted an improved User Experience for XKeyscore.

    As you know, Xekyscore is the primary data forensic tool of the Stinger OS platform. It indexes all of the data sources that you hack, and combines it with public information available on the web.

    Xkeyscore correlates thousands of files, emails, bank transactions, webpages, etc... and lets you search for patterns that connect the entities you are investigating.

    In NITE Team 4, data forensics is a game mechanics that has use your logical reasoning and your investigative skills to complete your objective.


    Xkeyscore is now a fullscreen module like the drone/satellite view or the Man in the Middle attack.

    The first part of the screen focuses on the entity browser. The preset menu lets you filter entities based on mission groups or intel provided by HQ. This should make it much easier to focus on the entities you need for your tasks. But you also have the freedom to create your own custom filters to dive deep into the intricate webs of conspiracy that NITE Team 4 has to offer.


    Entities have different levels, and the more unlocked private data sources you have for that entity, the more branches are available for your investigation.


    When you have two or three entities active in Xkeyscore, the filter patterns will activate. You will start with a list of basic patterns for your investigation (i.e., financial transactions, shipping manifests, etc...) but you will be able to gather more intelligence and advanced patterns over time.


    When you launch a pattern analysis, Xkeyscore will scan all of the data available for the selected entities and will try to find any document, email, phone call or other piece of intel that links them together.


    If successful, the result will be available to be viewed and analyzed. Results may enable you to discover a secret IP address, vital intel for your mission or even a new entity to investigate.


    We feel that these improvements to Xkeyscore will make the Data Forensic module much more immersive. Please let me know what you think!

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  2. Grimgore

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    I like it. The first time I used XKeyScore it took a while to figure out the filtering. This looks great!
  3. Seshemw

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    Looks neat! Looking forward to messing with it. Will we be able to cut/paste or zoom/pull back the popups when a hit is found? I ask because throughout using XKEYSCORE including with the livestream mission, sometimes because my monitors are at an unreasonably high resolution the fonts and images in the intel shown are often too small for me to make out (and you can't copy/cut/paste it into other windows). I've also had things like phone exploit reveal a text I can't clearly read, or ideograms that aren't high enough resolution for google translate to snap with the camera (my preferred method of reading chinese characters in phone messages)... If something like plain text captures were enabled, or you could magnify the intel, that would help at least me immensely.

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