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    This thread is a Complement to the Useful Tools Thread. It is intended to help recruits. Experienced agents - please add more pointers. Spoiler examples from previous missions may be helpful too.

    You've all seen it in the movies or on TV - a mystery with many related facts that tell a story. Those facts are pinned to a wall, sometimes with coloured string connecting them. It is a tool for looking at a problem, finding connections between facts and more important, realizing which facts haven't been discovered yet. The Wall doesn't need to be physical, it can also be in your computer or in your mind.

    Working a Wall of Paper is a skill that is learned with practice and thinking outside the box. It doesn't require cryptography or hacking (leave that to the agents who are experts). And, it doesn't take a genius to uncover something other people haven't. The missing clue might be something in anybody's experience and everybody has a chance to contribute.

    • Black Watchmen need to look at every morsel of information because anything might be relevant. The mundane world is full of information we take no notice of. Take nothing for granted. There may be clues hidden in plain sight.
    • COMMUNICATE with other agents. They will have found things you need to know. If you found a question but don't have the skill to answer - somebody else will answer it for you. And, they need to know what you found.
    • The line between fiction and real world will be blurry. Information from the agent world will certainly contain pieces of the story. Related information clearly from mundane sources will very likely also contain clues.
    • Targets (especially organizations) who have something to hide will try to obscure it.
    • If you are a Yellow or Green Level Agent, be paranoid. They really are out to get you.
    ps. I am a fairly inexperienced agent. These are what I've learned so far.
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    Example: I don't know Morse Code.
    Other agents had investigated Rosenberg Clinic and discovered video of a hallway with four doorways, music and flashing lights. Other agents had identified other secrets about the video. The flashing lights were thought to be meaningless. The lights reminded me of morse code, the characteristic long and short flashes of light. No other agents in contact at the time knew morse so I spent several hours running the video at slow motion trying to translate it. I'm reasonably confident I translated correctly but it made no sense. Posted my results in the googledoc anyway in case a cryptographer might get lucky with it. To my knowledge, the lights are still unsolved, they may just be meaningless flashing lights - but I had fun doing it.
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    Example: Past job experience.
    While working a freelance between Black Watchmen missions, other agents uncovered some cell tower contact logs. Having worked for a telco billing company in the past, I recognized the format of the timestamp and could then help plot the timing of the surveillance target's movements.
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