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Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by codex-13, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. codex-13

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    Please use this thread to discuss Mission 3 of the Whitechapel DLC. Feel free to post theories, hints, and nudges here, but please do not post the answer!
    Spoiler tags are your friend.
    [spoiler]Spoiler tags are your friend.[/spoiler]
    IMPORTANT (11:30 AM EST)
    3.3 is currently bugged, we're fixing it as I speak. Really sorry for the inconvenience!

    (11:52 AM)
    Fix is live, thank you for your patience!
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  2. ShadesOfNier

    ShadesOfNier Active Agent

    So, I've tried the author, the title of the story, the location where the story takes place, the year of writing, the year of publishing, the characters. And that pdf still won't budge...

    EDIT : Got it !
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  3. kmls

    kmls Active Agent

    Well, I'm also stuck,

    but I'll note it's fragments of multiple stories from the same author, not a single story, and at least one fragment has a co-author.

    That said, that doesn't mean much given that I can't get the second part to prompt me for a password. It's simply corrupted for me despite redownloads and different devices (Error 0x80004005: Unspecified Error while unzipping). Unless that's part of the puzzle, which I doubt.
  4. Couchy

    Couchy Active Agent

    You'll need a program to unzip PW protected zip files. I used 7Zip for Windows, not sure what else is available for Macs and such.
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  5. ShadesOfNier

    ShadesOfNier Active Agent

    Well, 3.3 is the one beating me up now. Any nudges available ?
  6. PurpleYin

    PurpleYin Active Agent

    3.1 - I'm still stuck right at the beginning! Think I'm overly focussing on one pattern:
    I can see that each paragraph is in the relative position from the source HP lovecraft text - 1'st is the 1st, 2nd is the 2nd, etc, but there's no outlier and the number sequence doesnt seem to work either
  7. Super Jenius

    Super Jenius Active Agent

    3.1 Hints
    This is a zip file and the password formatting has to be exact: It is one word in lower case.
    Besides the author, what is an element these stories have in common?
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  8. Super Jenius

    Super Jenius Active Agent

    3.2 Hints
    The text refers to the past, the picture to the present.
    What kind of path is that?
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  9. PurpleYin

    PurpleYin Active Agent

    3.3 question
    do i need to do anything with matrix transformations?
  10. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    no, it is not that

    but you need the numbers grouped
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  11. Kano

    Kano Active Agent

    I just need help opening the zip file in the first mission. I hear it's password protected but it won't even let me see the password input screen. Could someone please tell me an application i could use for that because it's pretty much keeping me from doing anything
  12. tictaktoe333

    tictaktoe333 Active Agent

    Hi sorry I am really stuck on
    use 7zip or winrar. Also the URL is case sensitive
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  13. Hrafnar

    Hrafnar Active Agent

    This might not be relevant to anyone but me, but if you're stuck at 3.3 and have kept the related archive (and its files) open since yesterday, make sure to reload the archive and re-open its files, they might have changed...

    @Kano: Use 7-zip.
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  14. tictaktoe333

    tictaktoe333 Active Agent

    I also need help on 3.1

    I can't think of the right password

    I have tried the author, times and dates and names. As well as themes such as morality, death, reality and I know it is one word lowercase

    This shouldn't be this hard but it is killing me!

    Also I tried a basic dictionary attack using python and that didn't get me anywhere - but then my coding skills do need a polish
  15. SLicTa

    SLicTa Active Agent

    Same as tictaktoe333 above.
    Stuck at 3.1.

    I tried also the firstname and lastname of the main character of these stories, but nothing work...
    To the hint "Beside the author, what is an element these stories have in common?" My answer would be : a lot ! "dream", "cycle", "terror", and a lot, alot of other words I already tried...

    Any nudge please ?
  16. kmls

    kmls Active Agent

    There's something in common
    in the stories themselves. They all share a common, very specific element in the narrative of the stories--and this element is not necessarily found in the fragments themselves. It might help to look up summaries of the stories somewhere.

    An additional hint:
    If you are thinking of the "top 3 words associated with this author and his fictional universe", you are probably being too broad, but are on the right track.

    A much bigger hint:
    It's something associated very specifically with many of his works--but not all of them, and all of the fragments come from works that deal with this thing. It's not the most famous thing in this category.
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  17. Sarexinae

    Sarexinae New Agent

    Currently stuck at 3.3

    I was able to decipher the characters but stuck at what to do with them next. Is the origin of the myth connected to what is supposed to done with the numbers?
  18. JotaESP

    JotaESP New Agent

    Can someone help me with 3.1? I have read all the hints, but I couldnĀ“t find out the password.
  19. tictaktoe333

    tictaktoe333 Active Agent

    could someone give me a nudge with the origin of the symbols in 3.3 or how to decipher them? Cheers
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  20. Thryn

    Thryn Active Agent

    3.1 nudges

    Don't focus on the extracts. Focus on where they come from

    You're looking for a proper name

    It all began with the last one
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