where do you find the variables for the password attack?

Discussion in 'Hivemind Servers' started by BlueLivesMatter, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. BlueLivesMatter

    BlueLivesMatter New Agent

    I was able to get logged in the phone, I tried John the ripper it failed. I entered the owners name and age. the two friends I entered did nothing to help. I am on the hivemind for xxsapphireshadowheartxx.hvm if that helps.
  2. Doubleplus

    Doubleplus Active Agent

    Various information about them. Best friends, what food they eat, what interests they have, where they go to school. Just check the phones and use a bit of trial and error. (Sometimes it wont outright say the variable but will give a hint)
  3. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    the password youre looking for might not be in every password dictionary; if a password attack failed, you should try looking in other dictionaries (you can even select multiple dictionaries at the same time)
    and the variables can be anything from locations, to friends or even musical interests and hobbies
    usually you get some degree of access to a target to find out about that stuff

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