What Are You Playing?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by nikel, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Vicarne

    Vicarne Senior Agent

    Is it still "The Longest Journey" the 7th time? Seems like it should be "A journey as long as the last six" :p
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  2. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Active Agent

    It actually got shorter. :p
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  3. Kle

    Kle Senior Agent

    I must be sounding really uncouth now but TLJ is another game to add to my list of games I haven't played :( It didn't stop me from backing chapters on Kickstarter.

    Games I am actually playing include:

    TSW, Watch_dogs, Boarderlands 2 (replaying on my vita) and very so often rift.

    PlayStation Plus keeps me on my toes and I do keep meaning to play some of the many games that turn up there. Destiny also seems to have caught my attention. Although how long it will hold it remains to be seen... The forums are fairly toxic so far and if that's an indication of the player a&e I'm not sure I want to spend time ther no matter how pretty or engaging it is.
  4. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Currently Playing:
    Cthulhu Saves The World
    Next Game Candidates:
    Twin Sector
    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
    The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
    System Shock
    Casualy Playing:
    Castle Crashers
    Might & Magic: Duel of Champions
    The Secret World
    Recently Completed:
    System Shock 2
  5. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    There's a "The Black Watchmen" D3 clan now as well, at least on the EU end, in case folks want to socialize there. (Figured I might as well grab the name while it was available :p)
  6. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    Currently playing:
    Game I wish I could play but can't:
    Panzer Dragoon Orta
    Anything Oddworld
  7. Forgues

    Forgues Administrator Staff Member

    I'm more a console gamer (xbox mostly), but here's what I'm playing when I have time...

    I'm a big fan of these series:
    • Assassin's Creed
    • Halo
    • The Elder Scrolls
    Other games I like:
    • Mass Effect
    • Army of Two
    • Rainbow Six
    • Gears of War
    And I still have my good old Super NES:
    • Super Castlevania 4
    • Gradius 3
    • Top Gear
    • Super Metroid
    • Zelda
    • Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest
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  8. Mandraw

    Mandraw Senior Agent

    I see someone bought the 2K humble bundle ^^"
  9. Omega59er

    Omega59er Active Agent

    Currently Playing:
    TSW, of course.
    Mechwarrior Online.
    Mount and Blade.
  10. Ugly

    Ugly Senior Agent

    I didn't even realize this existed! I loved Mechwarrior back in the DOS days, how is the online version?
  11. Gr3ylok

    Gr3ylok Senior Agent

    Currently Playing:
    South Park: The Stick of Truth
    The Walking Dead: Season Two
    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst

    Occasionally playing:
    BattleBlock Theater
    Infestation: Survivor Stories

    Started once, should complete:
    Metro: Last Light
    Shadow Warrior
    DEHR + Missing Link
    Papo & Yo

    Next in line:
    The Wolf Among Us
    Batman Arkham Origins
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  12. Azylach

    Azylach Active Agent

    Currently Playing:
    Borderlands 2 (getting ready for the prequel)
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Age of Empires 3
    Ultra Street Fighter IV / Street Fighter X Tekken / Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on PS3
    Injustice / The Last of Us remastered on PS4

    The above are the ones I keep coming back to. I've played countless others, and my backlog is even bigger. It is so big it could rival one of Santiak's walls of text if I were to list everything. HA!
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  13. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

  14. Shift

    Shift Active Agent

    FarCry 3 [getting ready for 4]
    Arma 3
    Planet Explorers

    Off and On
    The Secret World
    Anarchy Online

    Waiting for
    Tom Clancy's The Division
    FarCry 4

    So many games, not enough time
  15. Artos

    Artos Senior Agent

    Let's see...
    • SWG (Emulator)
    • SWtoR
    • ESO
    • TSW
    • Guild Wars
    • LotRO
    That's about it for now. Cannot wait for this to get moving!
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  16. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    Well let me see. An older gamer so my tastes are all over the place. Though being older means my agent is well seasoned too!

    Old School:
    • Gemstone IV (platinum): Text based game
    • D&D : yep table top

    • Mass Effect
    • Xenosaga
    • Assassins Creed
    • Early FF (pre 10)
    • Elder Scrolls
    • Witcher
    • Dark Souls
    • Deus Ex
    • Bioshock
    Ohhhh the list so goes on, so stopping the list!

    Online Multi:
    • TSW
    • ESO
    • LOTRO
    • WoW (oddly not ashamed to admit it)

    Man I could spend my insomniac hours listing more and more games I frequent but I might just embarrass myself and suggest I don't have a life!

    So that's my initiall sampling.

    *Rowyne wanders off to play something or other.*
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  17. AssassinB

    AssassinB Active Agent

    Fallout 3, Dolphin Gamecube emulator (mostly for Tony Hawk Underground 2 but also Windwaker, Sonic Adventure Battle 2, Animal Crossing and Custom Robo), and PJ64 emulator (for Paper Mario, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, Mario Party 3 and Sin and Punishment).

    And sometimes I go back to my old favorites with Gmod, CSS, HL2, and any other source games.

    I'm not too into getting new games, I just play old ones until I get so bored of those I have to do actual work xD
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  18. Daedalus

    Daedalus Division-79

    [​IMG] \

    I can't believe I'm the only one playing this, I'm almost as excited for this as I am black watchmen.

    Glorious Omni Tek? Or Clan scum? :p
  19. Azylach

    Azylach Active Agent

    EHH...I prefer walking around my hangar admiring my ships instead of the lag fest that is the Arena Commander module for me. No native SLI support plus a high-res monitor don't play well together, and I'm too lazy to set-up/adapt an SLI profile just for the game :p
  20. Omega59er

    Omega59er Active Agent

    Delayed response is delayed.
    It's a lot of fun, if you can put up with the developers' ineptitude. I formed a company (or clan) back three years ago and we're still going strong. Check the game out if you enjoy tactical stompy bots.

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