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Discussion in 'General' started by Anashel, Jun 20, 2014.

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  1. OGPhil357

    OGPhil357 Active Agent

    Greetings, I am OGPhil357.

    I played the preTSW arg as well as end of days event. I enjoyed the phone calls and texts to the puzzles and pictures of what looked like randomness but was a well orchestrated trail to follow to the next set of randomness. And for me it is a nice little bit of randomness thrown into my day that had me on board since preTSW arg.

    I am up and ready for whatever needs to be done. I am sure Andrea has special plans for the event, can't wait.

    In TSW I am many.....Temp.s- TheThird, URPain, Jidambo, Ryzu, Sir-Gideon, Phil357, Philtair. Dragon-DaVato. Illu- Mr-Duke.

    Agent OGPhil357 out.
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  2. Gr3ylok

    Gr3ylok Senior Agent

    Hi, you can call me Gr3ylok. I only did the Portal 2 ARG, never heard of the concept of an ARG before that really. That said, I never enjoyed MMORPG, just not my type of games.
    But seeing TSW involved Templars and Illuminati it had my interest. Bought the game during a Steam sale and been enjoying it ever since.
    As a TSW player I got that email talking about TBW and after the Portal 2 ARG and playing around with the Pre-Launch TBW ARG I didn't have to give this any thoughts. ARG, Black SUV, APP, Phonecalls? Shit, take my money!
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  3. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Welcome to all the new players from Kickstarter and the past campaign!
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  4. thatangryviking

    thatangryviking Viking Turkey | The Bot Slayer

    Yes, Indeed Welcome..
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  5. Azylach

    Azylach Active Agent

    Welcome new Agents!
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  6. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Hello again, nice forum :)
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  7. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Nice eyes. Is it Lucy?
  8. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    I don't think so, i stole it from deviantart, what Lucy are you talking about ?
  9. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

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  10. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Ew. No, it's older.
    Gosh i hate this film, first i'm a Besson hater then the thing of only 10% used by the brain is a big fat hoax.
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  11. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Haven't seen the film, but aye, the 10% is more of a propogated myth, sadly. Besides, everyone knows that when humans get close to 100% usage, they ascend to become one of the Ancients. ;)

    And welcome to the returning folks, as well as the new folks - glad to have you! :)

    *steps infront of the sign reading "Mandatory Electroconvulsive Therapy"
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  12. Mustafa Said

    Mustafa Said Senior Agent

    Good afternoon Anashel and to all members of the Black Watchmen! My name is Mustafa Said.(side note-you all can call me MuMu)
    I've been doing ARGs since the Gate 33 one created by TBW. Didn't do a whole lot then. But later in 2012 I got sucked into a rabbit hole involving a now debunked think-tank in Geneva called the Niantic Project. I'm still falling down that hole to this day by the way. I've now considered myself as an...Investigator of sorts.

    Major skillset: being able to take in information and re-explain it to others in a easier way. I'm a massive lore junkie so I'd guess if I end up working for the Watchmen I'd be most useful behind a computer screen but I'm...open to new skills. Want to seriously learn cryptography but it's not easy.

    Hope I'm useful here. I'll be watching. :)
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  13. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    Evening all, I'm Rowyne.

    I lurk in many worlds, realms and dimensions. But found my way to ARG's through TSW. I am really excited to see what is in store for us (or should I just be scared).

    I am watching.
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  14. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Well well well, what are the quantum winds bringing us now ?
    Is this someone new ? (Win a like by finding the video game i'm referring to)
  15. Artos

    Artos Senior Agent

    Greetings everyone. Artos here.

    I was heavily involved with the TSW ARG's and worked with this project a few months ago. I was very disappointed it didn't stick and am very much looking forward to this getting off the ground again. I Can't wait to get involved in the community here and see what we can get done.

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  16. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    Just a reminder for those who were here in the past that the IRC is still up and running, and the source of most of our daily chats! If you have a client, we're on Freenode servers, room #division66. If you don't just click this link right here! Stop in and say hi!
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  17. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Alternatively, if you fancy a client, you can find a quickguide to get the basics set up, here. :)
  18. Conartist

    Conartist Gold Member

    Morning all,
    I am Conartist (Con). My favourite single player games have always been puzzle solving adventure games like Broken Sword. I later got into MMO's and then one day The Secret World came out which combined the two genres. What could be better!? But then I participated in the End of Days. Or played catch up mostly as it was right in the middle of other stuff happening for me. I didn't find out about the Beta for TBW until it had just finished and again could only play catch up.
    I can't wait for TBW to go ahead. One thing I always loved about MMO's were being part of a community. It was never fun to play alone. And the community in TBW is just the best. And we haven't even started playing yet!
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  19. I had a blast from the bees on. I followed up until TSW launched then pretty much did not hear anything until the mmorpg thing.
    I've done some other args in the past but noting as complex as the black watchmen. I got up to the pistols on the one arg for TSW and opened the gates so I'm looking forward to see what they do with the freedom to go crazy considering how some of the arg stuff was already out there.

    As to the lucy thing it was an interesting movie, when you realize that holly wood simply takes an idea and throws a story a normal person can grasp around it. Science is the last thing on their mind. If I can find them I have some scans showing what 70-80% theta activity looks like and there sure as hell was not even the 20% stuff going on lol...
  20. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Welcome to you
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