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Discussion in 'General' started by Anashel, Jun 20, 2014.

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  1. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Welcome to the beta forums. We are still making some improvement here and there but in the meantime, you are invited to introduce yourself to our unique Black Watchmen PARG community!

    Tell us about your past ARG experiences (or expectations) and what convince you to join TBW! Please no personal informations. And keep it clean. =)

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  2. Vomher

    Vomher Senior Agent

    Hello! I'm Vomher!

    I'm relatively new to ARGs, having only participated from the sidelines during the End of Days. At the time I was so overwhelmed I had no idea where to really begin. I really got into things when the six Division 66 beta missions started up, and faithfully watched the entire run through while participating to the best of my ability. I was convinced by the story presented, as well as its ties to the Secret World, being a regular roleplayer over there. Being able to play this ARG and be a part of things was an amazing experience, and I want to stay the whole way.

    You have an amazing dream.

    I hope to see the Black Watchmen bloom and your visions realized!
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  3. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Well, reckon we might as well get the trend going, even if we're mostly familiar faces around here - to those new faces that are bound to show up, glad you're here! :)

    I joined up back during the pre-TSW Launch ARG, but due to various reasons, I can hardly remember half of it. The one that stands out the most in my mind, is the "End of Days" ARG from December 2012, which was a week wherein I got extraordinarily little sleep, but enjoyed immensely.
    While that was the ARG the cemented my love for ARGs, you had me at the Gate. ;)

    My contributions in ARGs has never been all that substantial; I usually end up playing catch-up, but I've always enjoyed the community, primarily because the ARGs themselves fosters co-operation like no other game I've had my hands on.
    Since the ARGs made by Human Equation has always been of high quality, and the Devs have always had a high level of interaction with the community, I'm thrilled to see The Black Watchmen come to fruition!
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  4. Inanna

    Inanna Active Agent

    Hi, I'm Inanna! Many of you know me by my IRC handle, PFV.

    I was first drawn into ARGs through the pre-launch games for The Secret World. Perhaps like many here, that's also where I first heard of The Black Watchmen. I had so much fun trying to solve the puzzles, and the community offered up many friends through the shared experience. Naturally I'm psyched for the opportunity to play such a game year round, especially with the people I had come to know through such events as "End of Days" and "Rupture".

    I suppose one could say it's past experience that has convinced me to invest in in the PARG.

    I look forward most to those 'AHA' moments with the puzzles and trying to suss out how everything connects. Though, to be quite honest, the future in-jokes have their own appeal (it was an orange!).
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  5. thatangryviking

    thatangryviking Viking Turkey | The Bot Slayer

    Hey I'm ThatAngryViking,

    Like most of the others, I was first drawn in with the Pre-launch events for The Secret World with Seals, had an amazing time, watching a web-cam of a paper wall, wondering when something would happen, did that paper just move...was that a gun?? A4! ahhh memories. Went on and was involved in the End of Days, and had a great sleepless time with more puzzles.

    So needless to say when The Black Watchmen call went out... I answered.
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  6. Vismal

    Vismal Gold Member

    You can call me Vismal, prospective long-term agent for The Black Watchmen.

    My background involves: The Secret War, The 33 Gate, the End of Days and Division 66. My level of involvement in each event varies, but the details aren't important. I had prospects for Cicada 3301, but the task was beyond my abilities.
    TBW called and I answered. I'm a man of action.
    A PARG sounds like a better and fuller experience than a short term 1-shot ARG event (as I would love to have more people feel the excitement chibimerrick and I felt when we mobilized physically during the End of Days).
    My significant other and I can mobilize within the confines of Greater Montreal, QC, Canada yet have to work within the limits of a "routine lifestyle"; to avert any questioning eyes.

    Outlook and expectations: further rrecchi, glorious worshipping of white paper walls, inter-agent interactions, blissful puzzle completions and ghosthack'ing.
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  7. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I'm nikel.

    I learned about ARGs through The Secret World, starting about 3 years before the actual release of the game. I wasn't sure how to go about them at first because the ones in 2009 were complicated. From there, it might have been a strong factor for me when I was choosing a university that the one I liked most had an ARG every year, but it was also a great school otherwise!

    I participated in #33, End of Days and have found my way here. After many sleepless nights, I am ready for this PARG to happen!
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  8. Azylach

    Azylach Active Agent

    Sup everyone, I'm Azylach.

    I got into ARGs during the Majestic / The Beast days. I still remember being amazed at the amount of like-minded people the cloudmakers group gathered and figured right there and then ARGs were something I wanted to be a part of. From there I've been on-and-off following different ARGs in the unficiton forums and later on through ARGNet.

    What convinced me to join TBW.... Well, there is nothing worse than not being able to catch an ARG at the beginning, and there is nothing better than being able to contribute to one with such potential as TBW weeks or months before it's released ;)
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  9. Vorticity

    Vorticity Senior Agent

    Hi, I'm Vorticity.

    Completely new to ARG's. I was introduced to the Division 66 missions from the realms of the Ingress (some call that an ARG) passcode decoding community. I was hooked after the first mission and excited to see what the future will hold.
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  10. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    What's up people!? Zerosh here :D!

    Until two months ago I had no idea what an ARG was. I was interested in TSW but I could never join until recently for various reasons. But it was soon enough to get the mail from FunCom inviting me to join The Black Wathcmen. At first I was like "What the ... ?", then I tried the pre-ARG missions and I loved them. So, here I am now :)

    I'll always remember the Dark Days of mmorpg.com and the AMAs streamed from a fishbowl with really nice acoustics xD
    And I'm also longing for the future thrill and excitement that will come and we will share. In my humble opinion, this is an awesome project and a better community.
    I'll be a Black Watchman till the end.
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  11. Oneiropolos

    Oneiropolos Active Agent

    Hey everyone! Oneiropolos/One/Oneir/Bryn here! (I really go by too many things.)
    I first got hooked on ARGs actually when the The Secret War game for TSW merged into one. I had honestly never seen one done that well or creatively, and it made me much more curious about The Secret World in general. Several of my friends who had informed there was no way they were going to play another MMO ended up hooked that way too when I showed them the puzzles being solved and they got interested in trying to solve them too. I'm a historian and completely geeky about it, so I love whenever there's that twist that involves realizing a historical reference. It tends to set any ARG more firmly in the world for me because so much of history is just primed for "Did something more happen there than we realized?"
    While I refuse to fess up to how long I actually spent staring at the wall of paper, I also refuse to fess up to how much I spent working on those runes and trying to figure out the significance of them. Anashel was WELL aware my brain was melted by the end. Most memorable moment of the ARG for me? On the final day of the End of Days one, I broke up a cat fight outside my window while we were trying to figure out what to do about the video camera. I got badly bitten and ended up having to go to the doctor and receive shots for rabies as a safety precaution... and I felt super guilty about leaving the group while they were trying to solve it and they all yelled at me to stop being insane and take care of my health. >.> I actually DID still get back before it was solved so \o/.
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  12. Vicarne

    Vicarne Senior Agent

    I am Vicarne.

    I was a devoted follower of TSW well before it launched. Sadly, I was the only one of my friends interested in the game and being the introvert I am, didn't get into a cabal. Played by myself for a little while and stepped away. I came back when I got the Black Watchmen email. The intro missions were amazing! I was completely hooked and now I'm dedicated again. I will not make the same mistake twice! I've been eagerly watching the video on rosenbergclinic waiting for the update to happen and here I am, ready to commit my time and energy to The Black Watchmen.
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  13. Mandraw

    Mandraw Senior Agent

    Hello, I'm Mandraw !

    I'm a crazy guy from france , but I'm actually italian !

    About ARG ... I'm new to this kind of ARG , tough I have experience in something akin to ARG :
    It's a game we played about 10 years ago in france : the organizator left cellphones around South France with some SMS in it, where it explained you now were part of a game where you had to investigate and "win" against other participants...
    It was a little like an ARG , tough there wasn't much internet involved (there was a website, but it was from a participant...)

    Anyways I'm excited about this !
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  14. MissLiminality

    MissLiminality Active Agent

    Hey guys, I'm MissLiminality~

    Most people generally just call me Lim though. Been playing TSW since closed beta and have played various ARGs also. I mostly missed out on the pre-launch TSW ones, but I did the End of Days and was at least aware of the previous ones. I really enjoy ARGs so joining TBW was a pretty easy decision, especially because of it's ties to TSW. I really had fun with the beta missions for TBW, so I'm more than willing to keep participating. I think the main reason I like ARGs is that it makes real life more exciting in a way a normal game cannot. Another great plus is that our community is full of awesome people, so that is definitely a draw as well.

    So yeah, basically I'm super excited and ready to continue to be part of TBW~! :D
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  15. Mandraw

    Mandraw Senior Agent

    Cool to see people still find the forum !

    o/ to you !
  16. DonutEel

    DonutEel Active Agent

    Hello, marmosets! I'm DonutEel. Or Donut. Or Eel. Mostly Donut. Any combination thereof is fine (Duel Tone, Elude Not, Loud Teen, and other anagrams should be evaded).

    As far as ARGs are concerned, this is the first ARG I am actually involved in. I had helped to some extent from the sidelines when Lim and Obie played some of the past ARGs, but this is the first in which I have been truly there. I'm a very casual TSW player; generally, I am too busy elsewhere in life to get too involved in things. TBW was attractive to me in pretty much the same way it's attractive to Lim and Obie; it makes real life way more exciting. Additionally, it doesn't feel like I have to go out of my way to participate in it. I did not know what to expect, so it's been nothing but fresh and entertaining. It helps that so far, the community is full of amazingly awesome people who I've really had fun befriending. ;)

    The involvement and amazing amount of communication between the gamers and the game makers is also a total plus. It makes me feel like I am not only a part of the game, but also part of its growth and evolution. I've rambled enough, though; I can't wait to share more fun and slightly harrowing experiences with everyone!
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  17. Ruke Unlimited

    Ruke Unlimited Senior Agent

    Welcome, Lute Node

    Sorry, I missed you in chat. I was indeed there, and only missed you by about 1 minute... Nice to see you around, hopefully next time I won't miss you. :)
  18. OuroborosBoy

    OuroborosBoy Active Agent

    Er... Hi! I'm OuroborosBoy. People seem to have trouble with that though. Its "Or-oh-bore-ohss"... Its like... a serpent biting it's tale... Never mind. People just tend to call me Obie, which is cool because it's cute, so yeah. The name comes from the fact that I've got this ouroboros pendant that I wear... basically always. Man, I'm never really sure what to say in these things... I like boys and am dating DonutEel, but I call him poopface on account of how he's always talking about poop... (Seriously its like every other word he says.) I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about mythology and the arcane, especially symbols and glyphs. Not so much with the history though, that's more Eel's area. I have several books on witchcraft and wicca and I'm planning on expanding my library to include all other manner of arcane knowledge from other cultures etc. I'm also a fan of guns and making things explode from a distance... I like to snipe. I'm pretty introverted in real life and I kind of have social anxiety, but I find it a lot easier to deal with online, so I tend to be more outgoing. Sometimes I ramble.

    I followed TSW's pre-launch ARGs, but I wasn't involved. I got involved in The Secret War ARG, though, and later I was a part of The End Of Days. I really enjoy every aspect of ARGs. The first ARG that I actually felt more deeply involved in was the beta BW ARG. I actually felt more involved and like what I had to say made a difference when we were trying to figure stuff out. Everyone's been really cool and supportive in the community and I've gotten really attached to all of it. I especially love TSW and it's world and story; it's kind of my favorite MMO and I'm really invested in it doing well because of my involvement in it's Beta tests (It was the first time I got to beta test a game), so I feel a particular attachment to the black watchmen as well.

    So yeah... /greets
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  19. DonutEel

    DonutEel Active Agent

    Addendum for clarity:

    Lim, Obie, and myself are pretty much a unit. We cohabit and also are generally together. We each have our strengths and complement each other nicely. We're also fun at parties, or we would be if we went to parties.

    Addendum end.
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  20. Daedalus

    Daedalus Division-79

    I'm Daedalus, I'm the jerk who posts on the Welcome thread second. Black Watchmen is my first ARG, but what I've played, I've loved. Graphics are top notch also, have you see the resolution on your keyboard hands?
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