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Discussion in 'Welcome Recruits' started by riningear, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Oracolo

    Oracolo Active Agent

    Hi everybody, just joined the agency from Italy. Hope to enjoy the ride.

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  2. Luminary

    Luminary Active Agent

    Agent Luminary here! Just recently signed up to the agency thanks to their lucrative promotion.

    aka Steam discount.
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  3. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Welcome new agent! If you need help, do not hesitate to ask!!
  4. Proxyhuman

    Proxyhuman Active Agent

    Hello. Though I have never participated in such a reality as this I am a devoted and long time LARPer of over 20 years. I never even knew this type of thing existed until it showed up on my recommended feed on Steam. I am glad it did. Since seeing a documentary on Netflix of something like this I have considered how interesting something like this would be, I am just saddened that I did not know about it when it first started and hope that I can catch up and there will be additions to the multiplex of possibilities that this can provide. Shal we begin?
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  5. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member

    Are you referring to "The Institute"? That one California-based ARG?
  6. Proxyhuman

    Proxyhuman Active Agent

    Yes, indeed. "The Institute" is exactly what I am referring to.
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  7. Luxirian

    Luxirian Active Agent

    Agent Luxirian from Germany here.
    Just found the agency on Steam. I enjoyed the investigation missions in The Secret World, so I thought I will join The Black Watchmen as a Cybertech Specialist.
    Already played through Season 1 and it was really great and my mind got blown.
    I hope for a good cooperation.
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  8. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Welcome @Luxirian! If you're a cybertech specialist, you may be interested in the Kickstarter that's running right now for NITE Team 4, a spinoff game focused on the Agency's cyberwarefare division. Link!
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  9. Brinnig

    Brinnig Active Agent

    Agent Brinnig, reporting in! Same boat with Luxirian, I loved TSW investigation missions, so I'm giving this agency a shot. Not sure what role I will be...yet, but I hope to help out with the agency as best I can!
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  10. Bruteforce123

    Bruteforce123 Moderator

    Agent Bruteforce123 reporting though you can simply refer to me as Brute if you prefer. Just completed the archived operation regarding the BAUP incident and am happy to be part of the agency and hope my skills will assist.

    And here I am forgetting where I am from, whoops. Saskatchewan, Canada which according to the agent map doesn't seem to be many agents currently.
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  11. Techn1k

    Techn1k Active Agent

    Hello everyone! Agent Techn1k here. Great idea for a game, forcing us to learn things ;) Love it. Hoping to participate in next season while it's live. Is the whole game supposed to be played solo with forum and irc as hint-hubs?

    BTW is Mother Russia part of the "story" or rather a spin-off thing? Is it placed after season 1 or 2? Just wondering if it's worth getting it.
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  12. Jarobi

    Jarobi Puppet Master

    Welcome to the Agency Techn1k! The game can be played solo, using the forums and IRC for hints, but we have a wonderful community of agents here to meet, so I highly recommend going on the IRC to try and find some others working on the same mission sets as you, so you can collaborate as a team! During live events, the whole community comes together for a truly cooperative experience!

    As for Mother Russia, it can be played at any time, and will not spoil anything from Season 1 or Season 2. I hope this clears things up and once again, welcome!
  13. KAM41

    KAM41 Active Agent

    Agent KAM41 from Kamchatka here.
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  14. f4stjack

    f4stjack Active Agent

    Agent f4stjack reporting in to Turkey offices of TBW.

    I especially love the fact that the game plays "me". Great idea, lovely theme. Devs, thanks for thinking and creating it!
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