We Did It! $46,701!!!

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    Dear Backers,

    We finally did it! $ 46,701!!!

    First, thanks to all of you. We are extremely grateful and we will repay you by producing an extraordinary game!

    So, what’s next?

    First we will probably sip a little bit of champagne thinking about how much we love our Kickstarter and The Black Watchmen community.

    After the celebrations, we will start to work on the production of all the perks and the game! Kickstarter freeze the funds for 15 days so, after October 15th, we will send you a survey and you will have 2 weeks to tell us how you want to spend your money.

    For those who participated in the comic book sketch contest, we will contact you directly to start the process of bringing your character to life.

    If you want some more perks, you will have until October 14th to get your rewards in the online store here accepting PayPal payment. Please note that physical items will no longer be available after that date.

    Once we have everyone’s order, you will receive the ETA for all items delivery!

    OK, and the game?

    Alongside, we will start the game design and production. One thing is for sure, it is your game too, so we will need your help and feedback to enable us to make this a reality...or an alternate reality [...] We will keep you posted on the forums

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