We Are Having A Inter-division Turkey Contest.*

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  1. cronkllr

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    You ask yourself. Why are we doing this. Well as many of you know since last years debacle we need to set ground rules.

    This year's genetically or occult modified turkeys will be able to battle each other in the cornucopia ring of death. (* Steve do not email mail me on this, work on your project better this year. Your swamp thing turkey you eo every year is not going to cut it)

    No holds barred. this is every division in TBW. And yes the janitorial staff is included in this years betting pool.

    I expect every division to create their best turkey creation using (Bio-gen, genetically modified turkeys.) And uccult based turkeys modified by those means..

    And as always we have our betting pool . I will post a,form you can fill out as soon as we recieve entries by next week's deadline.

    And as always losers clean up and dispose of carcasses . Do not hustle janitorial to do your task again.

    Copy and paste the form into your post.
    Please no changes can be made to your turkey after you post your entry form* (this can lead to unfair advatages)

    Turkey Entry form 2015
    1. Is your turkey?
    Biological [ ]
    Mechanical [ ]
    Other [ ] _________________

    2. Is your turkey occult based?
    Yes. [ ]
    No. [ ]

    2.1 What type of occult abilities does your turkey possess?

    Please list any abilites.____________________

    3. Is your turkey mechanically based?
    Yes [ ]
    No [ ]

    3.2 What mechanical abilites/skills does you turkey have.

    Please list any .________________________

    4. Is your turkey in the other catagory?
    Yes [ ]
    No. [ ]

    4.2 What kind & type of (Other) turkey do you have?

    Please list what your turkey is based on. Its abilities & skills._______________________

    5. Can your turkey die and or be terminated?*
    Yes [ ]
    No [ ]
    *If you answered yes you cannot compete.

    6. What is your turkeys name?

    7. Has your turkey fought in a completion or similar fight before?

    Yes [ ]
    No [ ]

    The betting brackets will be randomly chosen and bets can be places after all entries have been made. Entries must be in no later than November 24 2015.
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  2. cronkllr

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    Here is the latest picture from the entries from janitorial.

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  3. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    Those don't look nearly deadly enough. Janitorial, are you even trying?
  4. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Here's my entry

  5. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    Is it a Killer turkey hiding in a mallard skin?

    You cant trust janitorial, They could be lethal , Color coded maybe.
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  6. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    Janitorial couldn't kill a fly if they were given an automated fly swatter and detailed instructions on how to use it. I stand by my statement.

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