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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by R4Ki, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. R4Ki

    R4Ki Active Agent

    Sorry if it has already been notified, but i'm facing problems with videos (game intro / mission intros):
    The stream is a bit laggy/choppy & the videos always freeze after a couple of seconds (never the same), then disappear.
    Looks a bit like some kind of buffer issue.

    While i'm here, i've just got 2 questions :
    - is there a way to replay main game intro ?
    - will we get a video buffer setting option like the one in TBW ?

    1920x1200 - fullscreen
    win 7
    + a crappy internet connection

    thx & keep up the good work ;)
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  2. BlueOrbit

    BlueOrbit Moderator

    You can rewatch the main intro at

    In terms of the buffer, that'll be one for the devs.

    For referance, could you let us know what your download speed is?
  3. R4Ki

    R4Ki Active Agent

    Ok thanks for your answer & the link.
    I've been finally able to watch the video in its entirety ! Very impressive, definitely kicks a** !!

    For info my DL speed barely reach 2 Mbps...
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  4. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    The DL speed is definitely the cause of the buffering. I'll see if we can do something about it, but right now if it isn't causing the game to be unplayable it might take a little while to be fixed.
  5. R4Ki

    R4Ki Active Agent

    Sure, it's weird though that video just stops & disappears :s Anyway no problem & no hurry ! It's only a matter of "lore", otherwise game is fully playable & enjoyable ! Thx Codex
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