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    Hi Everyone!


    A new update to the universe of Zarnaah! Discover a very different gameplay experience with two new classes!


    The Rogue class has a defensive game style. Their passive attack is called Poison Trap. It transforms a card into trap that will stop an enemy for two turns when looted.

    Their active attack, bleed, is quite interesting. It will remove 10 power from the next card an enemy loots. This spell is extremely devastating against many of the relics in the game, because it cancels a majority of their power. Casting bleed at the right time is key to the Rogue’s strategy.


    The Mage class has been upgraded into a much more aggressive play style. Their active attack is a frost bolt that stops an enemy for 1 turn. For their passive attack, they can enchant an item over time. Every turn, the enchanted item will gain +5 power until it's looted.

    This spell can create extremely powerful weapons of power level 75 or greater. But there is a catch. Every turn you let the item grow in power, you run the risk of an opponent looting it, drastically changing the fate of the game.

    Just relax and test your luck on our loot board!
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