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    The Q6 terminal has successfully been established as a backup means of communication. All channels have now been reconnected and backlogged messages are currently being received. We must work quickly to combat the continued attacks on our main systems and regain control of the Mission Hub.

    Of all the backlogged messages received by HQ, the following is of the utmost importance. It was sent on 07/31/15 from the facility in Vancouver guarding Subject LI9S2W, and likely requires the CROUPIERKEY [all lowercase, no spaces]


    - VBC56 -

    Agents: we will use this section going forward to discuss the Report.

    Hint its with the cards

    Mission Successful - We intercepted the message and gathered valuable intel about the operation.
    * Follow-up thread:

    * Baup Report GDoc:
    * PIZZA GDoc:
    * Paris Drop Interception Report:

    # # #
    Edit by @Zerosh : don't mind me, just adding some extra info
    Previous thread: http://forums.blackwatchmen.com/index.php?threads/cascade7-signal-mission.692/

    2015/08/07: Q6 terminal was restored and an urgent email from HQ was received (see OP).
    Using the info of the Playing Cards received by some agents the password for the report sent by HQ. By adding the values of the card like in Blackjack two dates can be formed, 09/09/1910 and 15/04/1912, which are the dates of birth and death of Sidney Leslie Goodwin
    Paris Drop Interception Report
    A new coded message was uploaded to https://instagram.com/p/6OJKwOnR3i/?taken-by=worldnumbers containing info about the operation that will take place in Eastern Canada on August 15:
    HQ was contacted by an unknown individual that offered to help us. If we are able to overcome his trial, he will give us intel about the operation on August 15.
    More info in the thread The Weatherman Trial
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  3. Noah

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    I bet the book found is part of a book cipher...
  4. dylanamite

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    Okay so:

    Both agents were following @worldnumbers which led to a series of 9 pictures of supposedly codes and ciphers.
    I focused my attention on this one: http://www.instagramal.com/photo/worldnumbers/1045110782143831857_2030701862
    In the IRC we chatted about it and discovered that the city mentioned could be "Vancouver, BC, Canada" as it's both relevant and fitted the situation.
    I thought it could be a Vigenere cipher with a key (the hashtag #northernkey) and so tried a few things out. I managed to get "Vancouver, BC, Canada" by playing around with the key and at that point it was "electricallycharged" in the middle of nothing.

    A quick google of "electrically charged northern" led me to http://www.northernlightscentre.ca/northernlights.html
    The first paragraph (minus the T, either to throw us off or a copypaste error) is the key.
    Translates to "Twenty Five men are needed for an attack on an enemy facility outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Trained men with combat experience only. All weapons provided on sight. Report to combat leader Rep tmhb wifwsjm lp Jxaybaukx."
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  5. Treble

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    Is the last part just rot'd?
  6. bljkr

    bljkr Gold Member

    Last bit is just a continuation of the same cipher.

    report to combat leader reac upon arrival in vancouver
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  7. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Twenty Five men are needed for an attack on an enemy facility outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Trained men with combat experience only. All weapons provided on sight. Report to combat leader Rep upon arrival in Vancouver.

    Key was hebrightdancinglightsoftheauroraareactuallycollisionsbetweenelectricallychargedparticlesfromthesunthatentertheearthsatmospherethelightsareseenabovethemagneticolesofthenorthernandso
  8. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    How do we report to the combat leader?

    Edit: I just saw your post after I posted this.

    So reporting to the combat leader was for their attack on us.

    Damn I was hoping we were going to strike back.
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  9. dylanamite

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    "Aeneadum genetrix, hominum divomque voluptas,
    alma Venus, caeli subter labentia signa
    quae mare navigerum, quae terras"

    was the key for the #silverkey, leading to

    25 soldiers are needed for a strike against a Black Watchmen facility on the West Coast of Canada. More details to follow.
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  10. cronkllr

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    And @dylanamite . I knew that the weather locations we're an important part as to her location. I noted it on the irc a few hrs ago. Good find on the worldnotes
  11. thatangryviking

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    All of this will more then likely be nothing:

    Receipt One:
    Le Nord Express

    Receipt two:
    Chez Casimir

    Receipt Three:
    Le Zinc Du Nor

    Align all to the Northern Star, So looking at the numbers on here I was trying to figure out what this could mean. Doing some research, I came across an article that references Caesar - who aligned himself with the Northern Star
    So I wonder if the numbers have something to do with aligning to Caesar, or if I have been looking at this way to long..

    meh - I think i've been looking at this too long..
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  12. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    On receipt #3 it shows a ASIA EXPRESS, this agent/ MERC loved sushi, he even Wiki paged a certain type of japaneese sushi. SO this clue may be relevant or just coincidence


    and for Caesar, We know he made the Caesar cipher, probably nothing to do with that. but that was the first thing that popped in my mind when you wrote caesar
  13. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    another thing I saw is that MERC # 1 was in Austin TX. That is close by the company that did the Body farming @ superterram Life Science in Corpus Cristi TX
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  14. Nu Age

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    Those 3 places are very close to each other, around the train station Gare du Nord. Paris agent might go do a recon there, I opened a thread on the french subforum.
  15. Maurna

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  16. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    Since I'm big on documentation.. I went through the logs and didn't see. How did we discover the silver key? I know Agent Greenstar recognized a phrase but the reporting in IRC skips from a phrase to solved... :)
  17. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    I believe someone reverse engineered a bit from that phrase, in order to find the key. So to get from whatever it was to the phrase I found, it went through that. I think they recognized the key, and found the original document. They probably then used it to translate the rest of the message.
  18. Tutsie

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    Not sure if it will lead to anything / help, but I've collated all of the codes from the pages of the instagram account worldnumbers and added a sheet to the google docs - they are currently sorted by city so I could clearly see where cities have been duplicated to compare similarities in the codes. I've started going through the cities and putting in the states / providences / countries just in case we can see a pattern of some sort but it's probably a red herring!
  19. JantsoP

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    Dispatch has gone around calling agents as of 15:15 GMT +2 on 8th of august 2015. The call was recorded and found here: https://clyp.it/vpldt2rh
    Agent: Hello?
    Dispatch: Agent JantsoP?
    A: Yes
    D: This is Dispatch from The Black Watchmen.
    D: Our network intrusion team has gain key intel that may relate to the status or whereabouts of Baup kidnappers.
    D: A communication was intercepted concerning a series of strategic drops as transport hubs in cities around the world.
    D: Our analysts are currently considering all possibilities.
    D: All Agents are advised to work quickly to intercept any such drops. We need purse all leads as fast as possible
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  20. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Well, looks like a trip to London might be needed again...

    EDIT: what if the worldnumbers is somehow a code for when and where the drops will happen.. We do have a list of cities
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