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    Sources copied from here to a degree:

    Just a centralized place for commonly used resources and tools for figuring out the clues, puzzles, etc. Please add new ones you come across.

    Search Engines:

    Reverse Image Search Engines:

    Wikis & Encyclopedias:

    Translators & Code Solvers/helpers

    Stenography Tools: (note: you generally need the program used to hide the stuff to find the stuff)

    Hex Editors:

    Subject Type Searches (Stigmata):
    Misc Items:
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  2. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    Can I make a suggestion? Instead of the rot-n link, which has to be repeated over and over if you don't know how it's encoded, use Mobilefish's Rot-N since there's a button to decode using every cipher.
  3. bljkr

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    Updated with Nikel's suggestion, kept both or posterity's sake.

    Rearranged Geolocation & Steganography.
    Added quipqiup link it is a substitution cipher solver in the real sense won't help with more advanced forms but for simple ciphers it works well.
    Added a Stenography Tool & Hexeditors.
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  4. Bink

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    There are also arg apps for iOS with these tools, not sure about android but I imagine so. Just search ARG tools
  5. bljkr

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    There are indeed, not always handy in terms of switching between computers/programs/etc but when on the run definitely handy. These are the ones I have (there are quite a few converters etc) which are for IOS, sorry don't have any android devices.

    Puzzle Sidekick & ARG Tools (same developer Sidekick is the newest iteration)
    HexBT: Free -
    ASCII Pro!: Free -!/id447528726?mt=8
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  7. Landocal1

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    This book is not a book on modern cryptography but it's all about old school code breaking and making. It was written in 1943 (hmmm what was that thing going on in 1943) and so it has quite a bit of historical information as well. Only 113 pages of instruction and the rest are puzzles. I picked it up for $6 used.
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  8. Vismal

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    For 6$, 113 pages would make a cool little side-reading. Neat find!
  9. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    What a neat find. Envious!
  10. Zargh

    Zargh Moderator
    Question: is it only me who can't use this link? Do i have to use a special browser? Tried IE11 and Firefox...
    All i got is a big white site, left side a big list with lots of advertise links...but no chance of decoding anything :)
  11. Khalm

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    Working for me on Chrome
  12. bljkr

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    I can't speak for older versions of IE, but it worked properly in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE 11.0. The conversion box is several scrolls of the page down, and there are quite a few ads on the page in general, I don't usually notice them because of adblockers, but did appear to be working.
  13. Zargh

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    Thx for reply.

    It worked with Firefox, but, maybe that is a german or european lasts more than 5 minutes until all the advertise is can see this in the status line...waiting for blablabla...
  14. Rowyne

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    Was not sure where to put this. But the Freer|Sackler Gallery collections are being put online thanks to the Smithsonian. 40,000 pieces of work are now displayed. Art from all cultures and time periods. Working on an Art History degree to add to my resume and this was brought to my attention. Link is:

    Someone smarter than me can move this please to where it should best be. Great resource source!

    Agent Rowyne
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  16. Vomher

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    I can vouch for this. It's what I go to, particularly while Paulschou's been down and so unreliable for a while. Rumkin's easy and usually successful.

    For the sake of adding, has a lot of various resources for more manually solving things, but I've yet to fully investigate.

    CrypTool-Online is very useful and awesome. You can download the full version free, but their website is an online version if you aren't interested and while some things aren't yet fully available on it, you can still encrypt and decrypt from a very wide resource of ciphers. It's helped me and my newb self out a lot.
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  18. Stigmata

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    Might I suggest you also include Google Voice, it allows free calls to America online, which is useful if you are, say, in NZ and don't have a home phone?
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