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Discussion in 'Closed Beta' started by Anashel, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Anashel

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    Dear NITE Team 4 Agent,

    Today we have updated the Closed Beta with our latest build. Please read the following information before you try it!

    • You have been assigned your first mission from GCHQ, the United Kingdom’s Intelligence Agency. This mission is the first mission utilizing the new SCP Module, and introduces a new rootkit called Assassin.

    • Assassin can be used to infiltrate databases and gather data for Xkeyscore digital forensics.

    • You will be able to complete the mission, but no rewards or reputation changes will be saved in your player data. The mission will reset automatically when you quit the game. We’re doing it this way because we want you to be able to test the new mechanics and give us lots of feedback!

    • This is the first time many of the new backend components are working together (mission center, progression tracker, SCP, Firewall Ban, etc…). Because of this, you may encounter many bugs. The forums are the best way to report bugs and technical problems with new builds.

    • The mission does not have any tutorial, and will require familiarity and understanding of the Stinger OS. If you are stuck, come visit us on Discord!

    More informations here:

    We hope you will have fun!
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  2. Whemever

    Whemever New Agent

    OK theres a slight problem with the optional task.

    When you have found the info that activates the send option - that option splats the screen and prevents access back to be able to read what you have uncovered, and so decide where best to send it.

    Basically you end up firing blind as you don't know how it is relevant to whom - ok in this version it doesnt matter, however when our scores become permanent being able to determine who to tell about what info will be very important & if you cant read what you have.....
  3. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Indeed, we will change that!
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  4. Kaskaii

    Kaskaii Active Agent

    I really like the new layout of how missions are presented and everything. I have some points that could be changed in my opinion, although they are not really bugs:

    First of all when you are busy with the mission it is nice that you can easily check the objectives again by clicking the symbol in the left upper corner. But then using escape to get back you go first trough 3 other screens before you are back at your working spaces. It took me a while to find that in the objectives screen in the right upper corner you can go back immediatly. So maybe have that option more clear or make escape go back to your previous screen and not the previous screen in the mission explanation screens. (Sorry if this is little bit confusing, I can add pictures with explanation if needed)

    Second I think you will add this later since it is not really relevant yet with only one mission, but it would be nice after the first mission is done to get hinted at how to get to the next mission, since on the map video the second chapter is not visible from the first chapter I had to spend some time searching where I could find a possible next mission (again maybe there is no hint yet because there is no second chapter yet, but still wanted to mention it)

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