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    So I noticed this in game as well being mentioned on discord - the number of available workspaces has been reduced from 5 to 4.

    Firstly - speaking for myself I always spread stuff around different workspaces to organise hacks - sfuzzer/osint in one place, exploit/foxacid on another etc etc.

    With the reduction it seems more cluttered - which is an issue with time limited missions when you can't find what you need or overlook something because you have too many windows on top of each other.

    Secondly - its been replaced with - basicallly - massive flashing buttons - which seem to flash almost constantly regardless of whether there is new content. We also now have to click into another menu - then click another button to get to the bounties - which just seems like a poor design (sorry!!!!)

    My suggestion was to return to 5 workspaces but to include the current buttons in a line underneath as 3 smaller buttons - looks tidier and allows direct access to the bounty screen

    I made a quick mock up which is below!


    As always still love the game - keep up the good work :)
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