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    I am torn about what I think is the best approach for a tutorial. I played thru the intro puzzle several times to try to discover how I might make it better. The interface gets less intuitive with each new mechanic. The interface is fine, it is elegant and simple once you know how to use it.

    "Descend further to validate your research" Hunh? At least I have sparkly diamonds to indicate to me that is where I should click - but what told me to look for those? When the voice introduces the sigil but doesn't describe *how* to make one, you are left to deduce that (spell your answer using the available word fragments, the little dots near the center are a clue to how long your answer word is). It gets much sketchier when the voice introduces threads and virtues but I'm seeing virtues for only one fragment at a time.

    One way to make the tutorial more explicit would be to voice describe in more detail each of the interface components and how they work. Use a different voice out of character, this voice could be less intrusive if activated by a clickbutton on each screen of the first puzzle - just make the button obvious like labeling it "help" :)

    The other way for a better tutorial would be to make a video that shows a puzzle being solved click-by-click. Link to it from within the game intro screen. It needn't be a puzzle from the game - just show the mechanics and how things light up and what a player should expect when getting things wrong and getting things right.

    I think Ahnayro has great potential. But making a puzzle out of how to play the game will scare away a lot of players.
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