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    So that these forums don't get clouded with individual threads asking the same questions, I'm going to create some threads with hints for each table. If you still need some help after the hints, feel free to comment on the thread and I will try to help you. If you feel that my hints may be a bit too obvious just comment and I will try to change them.

    Left Fragment:
    We are looking for the street name.
    The street that the first children's hospital in London was on.
    The street may be great, but the answer is not.

    Right Fragment:
    We are not looking for an actual snake.
    This lake is also referred to as a river.

    On the left:
    The hospital held an interesting copyright for awhile.
    On the right (slight spoiler to the left):
    Look for other books relating to the left answer

    I will do these for the other tables soon.
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    Thank you! This helped quite a bit getting into the game and learning how clues are presented. Well done with the tips as well!
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