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    Hey TMH here!
    This site is a work in progress but there are great puzzles already playable as of now. On the landing page you can choose the Interrobang Division Track:
    As of 4/6/17 the only puzzle is the 3rd in the Reddappa Series(first one made) on that track but Missing Seeker has been updated and is a great mission of Moderate Difficulty for a Seasoned TBW agent. Div‽ will be adapting the two prequel missions for the website as well soon. Interrobang is BladeDraconis, Meier, NoShitSherlock and TMH.
    You can take the TMH.{Cχ:$$} Track and play puzzles being developed for the archival mysteries revelation trials of the CroniX faction of NITE Team 4 as they come out. The one up there has only been solved by only one person, other than me of course. So show me it's not to hard and beat it, email included in puzzle with canned response. There will be a three layer steganography/encryption puzzle up soon on this track as well(INFOSEC is important, don't ya think?).
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    Epic puzzle set starting at and guided by canned mail you could finish a truly challenging set of puzzles. The ring puzzle leads to a steganography and encryption gauntlet where if you're not yet familiar, you will learn a little about PGP encryption. I don't recommend most people work these alone. I will offer a bit of support through the forum here, convo me-Please work in groups!
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    Another Puzzle Set due to be released to CroniX agents the week of July 2nd through 8th. Due to the amount of archive material built into the puzzle it won't be released A&S wide until NT4 is very close to launch. If you consider yourself an epic puzzle solver, we have some real challenges for even you, come join-rise in the ranks-take your place at the table. Initiation Puzzle on main website, I've got my eye out for you.
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    themadhuman Senior Agent is being transferred so it is temp down
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    themadhuman Senior Agent and "sister" site are fully functional, working on expanding the interrobang track with the agent reddappa prequel missions, stay tuned-will either have a menu where you can choose from the three or some sequence delivered by mail with correct final answers...
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    head to the interrobang lobby, left button from the first agent Reddappa Prequel Mission is live, email response will lead you to where the second mission will be soon in the debriefing. and of course missing seeker or the 3rd Reddappa mission has been live for a while.

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