Third Artifact Gate

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Goldwing, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Goldwing

    Goldwing Active Agent

    I can't seem to open the Third Artifact Gate. I know what it's looking for,
    The assistant, but I can't find her last name anywhere. I've gone through every link at least twice, can anyone help me find the last name?

    As a note to the devs, fewer people solved this than both Table 3 and the Final Artifact Gate according to Steam Achievements. It may need some balancing.
  2. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    You're talking about the one with the card that says Surname, right? What assistant are you refering to?
  3. Goldwing

    Goldwing Active Agent

    I'm referring to the first puzzle you get after the three Rosenberg archives from the 1970s. The "Rituale Romanum" one.
  4. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    You're not looking for the assistant, then. You're looking for "her".
  5. Goldwing

    Goldwing Active Agent

    Jocelyn's name doesn't fit. Anne's does, but I can't find her last name.
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  6. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member


    Somnus is only a door that has yet to be solved as we speak. :)
  7. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    Yet to be solved?
  8. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    Then you better get digging. You know roughly the time and what country she was from, that should help.
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  9. Goldwing

    Goldwing Active Agent

    Ah. Real person, that did it. Now to get into the archive.
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  10. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    Of course she's real, this is all real. ;)
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  11. DoomedMarine

    DoomedMarine New Agent

    I have found the answer for the first one and I might or might not have used a steam function and paint.
  12. amrmagdy744

    amrmagdy744 Active Agent

    how to get it ?
  13. DoomedMarine

    DoomedMarine New Agent

    It ends in "shot".
  14. Hunter Ventiere

    Hunter Ventiere New Agent

    I seriously am having troubles solving the rituale romanum can someone please give me a large nudge
  15. fathamburger

    fathamburger Active Agent

    just solved it. You have all the key terms, name, place, time etc in the note. Add exorcism if you still cant find
  16. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    fun fact; apparantly she's related in some ways to patient alpha
    ive encountered her name when digging up some season 1 stuff in TBW (no its not mentioned in the client)

    i recall she has her own movie?

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