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Discussion in 'General' started by Anders, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Anders

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    first of all I'd really like to thank Alice & Smith for developing this great game.
    I'm quite fond of hacker games and played many games of this genres (as far as "many" goes for such a niche). And I honestly have to say that by far none has gone as deep as Nite Team 4 in matters of story telling, complexity and variety. The way the game takes so many aspects of cyberwarefare into account is uniqe and for me one of the main reasons why it has such an immersive atmosphere.

    After this positive introduction i now have to get to a topic that directly connects to the aspect of immersion. It is something that bothers me since the alpha stages and the direction in which the visual design of the game is heading makes it harder and harder for me to immerse myself in the world of Nite Team 4.

    The thing I am talking about is the general visual style of the various themes and the GUI in general.

    Nite Team 4 is a game about dark threats that lie hidden in the shadows of the deep web. A game about the digital war that is constantly waging unseen by the public. About the unsettling possibilities every individual these days is exposed to. And about the warriors that that fight in this invisible war. Highly specialized experts with deep knowledge and experience in the digital domain. Agents who fight everyday to keep away the dangers and terrors that linger at the bottom of the world wide web.

    Unfortunatelly with the current visual design i can't withstand the impression that the lines of elite hackers is recruited among 14 year old gaming geeks who fight digital crime between two Overwatch matches. ;)

    Or in more objective words:
    I think that that fighting of cybercrime is serious business where you need lasersharp focus and concentration.
    An operationg system developed for this purpose should be free of distractions, easy on the eyes to be used for lengthy times and keep the usage of system resources as low as possible to save all processing power for important tasks.

    At the current state when I boot up Stinger OS I have the choice between demon faces staring at me, explosion backgrounds, swat team wallpapers, floating particles, alot of moving and distracting animations without an purpose. Everything is glooming or has strange eroded effects (which makes absolutely no sense in a digital environment). Even the logo of Nite Team 4 is often shown in an strangly damaged version. I mean seriously: which secretive organization designs their symbol to apear in such a grungy optic?

    Every Menu and Screen in the game screams "VIDEOGAME" in my face and this is incredibly immersion breaking. I currently feel more like fiddling with the main menu of Starcraft 2 than beeing a badass hacker.

    Of course i can understand that the game has to entertain and that an appealing visual presentation is part of this entertainment. But since you even offer the option to choose between various themes. I really would appreciate if you could offer a theme that creates more of a professional atmosphere.

    I'd also really like to know if i am allone with this opinion or if anyone else feels the same way.

    Anyway thank you alot for your time and best greetings,

    Agent Anders
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  2. Anders

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    To make my point more clear I created a little moodboard and some mockups to show what I imagine:

    On the left there are the associations currently envoked by the Stinger OS GUI.
    On the right what I would connect with the world of cyberwarefare.


    And here are some mockups of a clean and serious Stinger OS:



    I'd even go as far and remove the rotating globe when no program is running, which needs it.



    i would be incredibly happy if there would be a skin which at least comes close to something like this. Since I could take the game so much more serious and truly immerse myself.
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  3. codex-13

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    I think having a more pared-down "minimalist" skin would definitely be something that some players might find useful or enjoyable. The current skins are admittedly flashy- we really like them and we like how shiny they are, but you're correct that a "real" Stinger OS wouldn't really look that way. I'm unsure if we would be able to implement syntax highlighting like you've shown there, or how easy it would be to remove the globe, but having a skin or two with minimal distractions is a great idea.
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  4. Zeitgeist

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    100% agree with Anders. The new design makes me wish for the alpha style, more serious compared to the current design.
    I would like to see a skin similar to your fantastic grey mockup Anders but with the official NT4 green style.

  5. R4Ki

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    Such an option would be nice indeed.

    Anders you did a great job there. Love it.

    i agree. The grey logo with the colored triangle could be nice too.
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  6. BlueOrbit

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    A minimalist skin would definitely be a great idea! Also I'm loving that moodboard and seeing the inspiration behind the skin.

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