The Terrible Night

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    My dream has turned darker, it consumed me. I no longer find solace at night, these dreams allow me no rest. It has turned into a nightmare, unlike anything I have experienced before. The copper aftertaste remains and I can’t stop shaking.

    Death flowed across the river valley. All around me they fell, my brave comrades. Filling the foreign soil with their young blood. From far and wide we rushed to the fight. Young internationalists ready to die, fueled by our communal vision, blind now to all but the enemy line. Anger flooded my veins as I threw myself forward. Suddenly on top of them, we tore into their flesh as their guns had done to us. My comrades rushed in behind me, bringing forth the starred flag that united us all. I tasted my ruby blood and something broke through the scream of the bullets. The voice spoke beyond the chaos around us. Warning me of what was to come. Once the pieces fall into place, will I see the pattern emerge or will I perish in the maze.
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