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Discussion in 'General' started by baktic, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. baktic

    baktic Active Agent

    When you complete table 1 a screen appears congratulating you. On the bottom of the screen you are asked what the sleeper's mantra is. I have not been able to find an answer on here or even anybody talking about it.
    This screen also mentions the glasswick technique, another thing that hasn't been mentioned very much on these forms. I was able to find this on the glasswick technique: Some people found this too, It doesn't look like much, but it makes mention of the glasswick technique:
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  2. baktic

    baktic Active Agent

    Here is what I found so far on the glasswick initiative page:
    The .html in the url shows something different than what the top of the page says (About us leads to physiological.html)
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  3. Rupuk

    Rupuk New Agent

    The second link is supposed to guide you to the first one, it was a really bad choice to name it something that is easier to find than the purple one's tumblr, you can find people talking more about the ARG in the lucid dreaming section but most of the investigation is done in irc channels, you should also check the thread with the map of the ARG:
    You have the "tumblr" and the "glasswick initiative" and by your second post sounds like you are really close to the mantra
  4. baktic

    baktic Active Agent

    I actually did get the mantra earlier but never got around to edit my post's. I didn't figure out what to do on the tumblr, so I was trying to figure that out and then I would edit the post. Thanks's for the map thread, this is my first time seeing that thread
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  5. Elithea

    Elithea New Agent

    I've found the images I needed in the Tumblr but still can't figure out the sleeper's Mantra. A little help?
  6. Synmara

    Synmara Active Agent

    Any chance for a further hint?

    I gather it has something to do with :
    The Maslow's hierachy of needs and how self-actualization and self-transcendence are missing from the tabs on the glasswich site.

    Or am I totally off? Just can't seem to get this one...
  7. baktic

    baktic Active Agent

    you are right with the self-actualization part. But how did you get there?
  8. Synmara

    Synmara Active Agent

    Omg thank you, I got it now. Just needed that little nudge apparently ;)
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  9. Darkling

    Darkling Active Agent

    i seem to have come to the same conclusion as synmara any other hints that i might find useful
  10. Darkling

    Darkling Active Agent

    also how do i re-open the sleeper's matra thing after i closed it
  11. downer

    downer New Agent

    Specifically, the Sleepers Mantra, visited the tumblr and website, but not really sure how to proceed, unless it's just brute force (or shots in the dark).

    Generally, not really sure how this is supposed to work. Are the puzzles supposed to be connected or not really? Never played an ARG before, and been playing this on and off for awhile, so not don't really recall all the details of the previous stuff and not sure exactly what I'm meant to do.
  12. BurningIcePhenix

    BurningIcePhenix New Agent

    just go to the menu and click om continue
  13. baktic

    baktic Active Agent

    On the sleeper's mantra,
    The answer lays on the website, you are supposed to get the website from the tumblr.
    It would be nice to know more specifically where on the sleepers mantra you are stuck.
  14. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    The new transmedia structure is much more organized. It is still fun to explore and solved, but you will be less 'left alone in the dark' as it is right now. That said, getting the sleeper's mantra was a big achievement for early access. :) Let's say we will keep some hardcore riddle like that, but we wish to introduce wider range of difficulty.

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