The Official Teamspeak Server For The Black Watchmen

Discussion in 'General' started by JantsoP, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

  2. thatangryviking

    thatangryviking Viking Turkey | The Bot Slayer

    Now I have to install TS, so make that Mumble, Vent TS, and Skype installed at home.. my god...
  3. TGR91

    TGR91 Active Agent

    Good stuff.
  4. Xenox

    Xenox Active Agent

    Yes really nice that there is a TS-Server for us now :)
  5. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    Teamspeak will be down for abit today when i'm upgrading a new router

    Upgrade complete and all works now. Last issue has been delt with and found the issue in my local network.
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  6. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    Due to an DDoS attack on my network, the teamspeak is currently on need to know basis until futher notice
  7. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    Teamspeak is now open for public :)
  8. Cicada1337

    Cicada1337 Senior Agent

    I really wish there was a way to get more people on the Ts3. It gets a little lonely in here!
  9. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member

    Well, the more you say "Hey, if you need help, hop in the Teamspeak server, it's easier to work on it that way" and stuff like that, it'll help. One problem with having Teamspeak AND IRC, though, is that some people will only talk in the Teamspeak. So I guess it depends on the situation.

    If I am more active in IRC, I will turn off Teamspeak so I don't get distracted, and then vice versa. We could also always set up a Skype group if people are into that. Idk, I just want more ways for us to communicate, and JantsoP is helping provide us with extra options. If we go on his server, it'll show that it was worth making, and not just sitting there collecting dust :p
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  10. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    Edited thread name and moved from Off-Topic to General
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  11. Warziders

    Warziders Active Agent

    Woot! finally, something I do have installed ^^.
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  12. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    Server moved to the cloud :) New IP is on OP
  13. [KZK] sammi

    [KZK] sammi Active Agent

    Is the TeamSpeak still in service? IF so, what are the deets?

  14. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    even if the servers are still up, it never really got off the ground.
    until last year we primarily used IRC, and i think it was in December when we switched over to Discord
    (and since discord also has a voicechannel there really isnt a need to use teamspeak)
  15. [KZK] sammi

    [KZK] sammi Active Agent

    Ah... I soooo dislike discord. :( But will accept it. I prefer teamspeak. Easier to work with (for me anyway)...

    Thanks for the update. :)

  16. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    Maybe easier, but not everyone "wants to" or "is able to" actually speak over the internet, plus there is no logging feature so people can read back to whats been said before.
  17. [KZK] sammi

    [KZK] sammi Active Agent

    Understood... Like I said, I will accept it. *shrug*.


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