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Discussion in 'General' started by Seshemw, Feb 13, 2017.

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    I was running multiple password sessions, and one of them came back with the password (but did not advance the mission). I thought it might have been from me running several in tandem, so ran singles (that I thought had the same criteria). And have somehow not re-found the password...

    But I did write it down. Is there a place or way to inject the known answer back in somewhere? It isn't like I can actively use the credentials (in any way I've discovered), but they aren't showing in my maltego, hasn't improved my C2 networks, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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    you won't need the intranet, there's another one
  3. Seshemw

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    This is alpha .3, mission 2, The Institute, part 1
    (seeking to exploit Rivera's email).
    I have a proxy. I, at some point, ran a successful password attack and have the password written down. I can't reproduce the results, have no idea why, and it hasn't advanced the mission (to mission 3 or part 2 of The Institute). Running on a win10 NT4 client, in a win10VM running on a mac (can't get the native mac client to work at this time).

    More granularity on what I was working with:
    Target is quantum53. I have the mail server from recon. I set url, username, first name, last name, age. I set advanced criteria for MIT, license plate, birthdate, bank account#. I believe my working session was a two dictionary attack.

    I'm generally not sure if I did things wrong, or if I had a typo in advanced keywords/context, or what. I'd be more specific, but don't want to harm other people's fun (even if this is an alpha and test-able).

    Edit: Ahh. Please ignore. I got a successful hit on a different server. Have to re-work my stuff for the server I'm missing, I guess.

    edit2: I fixed my problems, and figured out both an interface interaction, and one of my keywords/context settings for password attacks was in error. Remember, kids: If it shows a do-not-enter type symbol, it isn't applying that filter. And as always, google is your friend for
    finding context to personal information contained in the maltego output.
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    Even with all the hints in this topic I don't understand what the server address is that I require. There is nowhere that I find this address with all the searches I have done

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