The Ember Giant

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    The beauty of my dreams continue to grow. The fantasy I witnessed was truly divine. The warmth of the vision will stay with me forever, and now I can barely remember the horrors I have faced. I look forward to my nightly exploration once again.

    I wake up in the shadow of an ember colossus, eight rays of dawn piercing his shiny skin, becoming eight golden rainbows dancing along the grass. Each color glistens across the hill, perfectly projected through his massive prism. He has the sun in his belly and is there, just before me, watching a bigger, older giant grow on the horizon. Together we see the roses being blown, dancing in the soft breeze, the clouds casting their snow, the sun that guides the day. The colossus turns his head in my direction, and even with a face so primal, so elementary, I can feel him giving me a smile.
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