The Dream people.

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    Zekh Dimensionaut

    This world is new, or it has been discovered recently at the very least.

    Some people tried to know more, embrace and explore those mysteries too shy not to appear only when the stars are here.

    Projects started. Dream dealers, tourism, the equivalent of deep diving through the mind's eye.
    They started to see some more, the Gates of Ahnayro, Onimancers, the Empty Face and forbidden geometry. Those people do what they did the first time they glimpsed into Ahnayro.

    They connect the dots.
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  2. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    The first Dream Museum opened in Paris, city of culture and art. It wasn't the official kind, while it was free and public (with donations accepted) it stayed hidden.
    Those galleries were staged on a great boat, floating on the Seine. The choosing of that location was decided for multiple reasons : easier to move and avoid unwanted investigations, and because the movement given by the currents was alike the one of a dreaming state.

    Each room was a canvas for a dream, people exposed their adventures in these chambers, for all to see.
    The director of that spontaneous gallery received quite a lot of money from artists and supporters of creative initiatives such as this.
    He started to imagine a more ambitious project.

    Something called Dream Island.
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  3. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    After a while, the director was able to buy an island in the Carrabean to build his great project. It started small, an actual museum to begin with, great wings with proper galleries and place to exhibit art. He made it all white so the artists could attack the building with their own mad colors. Some dedicated artists even decided to stay on the island so the leader of the project had to make a village nearby.

    But not a random boring village, no. It was another whole art concept, with tribal design and inspiration taken from the local lore, with totems and masks. A remasterizing of the art that was already there, using materials from the modern world.

    Glass tikis on the beaches, cubic wood houses with metal designs reflecting the sun. The island became a permanent equivalent of the Burning Man, only wetter.
    The tradition of the Boat Museum was kept in the form of secondary galleries floating around, gathering dreams of specific themes, even "ghost ships" offering their nightmares to the visitor.

    A ritual cave also opened, places to sleep and dream, forget ourselves in the relentless echo and the subtle water sounds of the Earth's instrument.
    Kind of a perfect place, calm, peaceful and wonderful.

    Exactly what was needed for the problems to appear.
    Because in this magical, surreal island. People started to change.
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  4. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    After a few weeks, some disappeared.
    Well disappear isn't the best way to describe how it happened, or how it is percieved.

    How do you call the phenomenon when somebody is physically absent, but still walking around in dreams ?
    This is what happened to some who slept in the ritual cave.

    Ghosts in the night, only visible through the sleep filter. Some artists painted those reflections of former people, calling them Shadows.
    They became a subject of study and passionate art, portraits of once physical persons; visitors tried to communicate with them, inform them of their current state.
    One-side conversation, the Shadows speech was distorted by some echoes, oniric encryption making them isolated and unable to speak.

    Even their writing was altered, expressing themselves in the form of strange glyphs, scribbling on the walls and in thin air with nothing more than their fingers. They left white floating inscriptions just in case somebody would be able to break that sleeping cypher.
    Sadly, the code is still secret and the Shadows made their own side-world next to their Awaken kin.

    Their culture was nothing alike, just as different from ours than their writing.
    Theories appeared, dimensional shift ? Alien influence ? Transcendence ? They were walking on a mirror, glowing in a cold blue light, stars in the eyes and constant singing in their wake.
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  5. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Hesitating between absolute fascination, fear and concern, the owner of the island was tempted to look for help.
    But who or what could solve such a situation ? A miracle ? Occult investigators ? A big blue box ? He'd have to do the dirty work himself.
    He couldn't do it alone though, so he gathered a team.

    Dreamkeepers to observe, catch and understand the meaning and forces behind what was happening on the island.

    On the other side, Shadows were asking themselves.
    "Is this death ?" This new world was alike theirs, yet slightly different, always peaceful and sweet.
    "If death looks like this, i'm okay with it" some were agreeing.
    "How can you say that ?" intervened a young girl, assaulted by everyone's eyes staring at her.
    "Leave the old world behind, this is better." They were assuring.

    She was the first to come back from Ahnayro
  6. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    She was sitting on a pillow, a circle of people around her.
    They knew throwing questions and expecting answers wasn't the right way to go, it would only add more confusion and make them avoid productivity.

    Incense burning in a corner of the room, they silently gave her a list of questions, which she was implied to answer with as much details as she effectively could.
    Microphone connected, recording active. She read out loud what was printed on the paper, putting aside her judgement and feeling, trying to stay.. "scientific, cold and professionnal".
    She didn't want to, but she did.

    - First question.

    They were all ready, eyes filled with fascination, knowing that some important data will come out of the mouth of that young woman. Frankly, it was intimating but she kept that for herself too.

    - "Where is everyone ?". Well.. em. It's hard to tell, they're all around you and yet.. not here. It's like they're living on a copy of the place. A dream probably.

    She felt disappointment from the audience, what else could he say ? She wasn't a researcher, merely a pioneer in dreamwalking and a passionate of art, she tried to give more but that was it.

    - Second question. "Why did you came back, why the others aren't ?". Because out there everything seems so easy, you don't feel your basic needs, the hinderance of the physical world; it's all gone, a memory. It's like where i am right now is the actual dream, and i have to admit, it's not really a good one.
    I came back because i just didn't wanted to leave everyone worrying in this realm.

    Slowly she realised, looking around her; in the bottom of her eyes, a weird impression.

    - They're here. Listening.

    The girl was obviously uncomfortable, she was going to attempt another reading but something flicked in her attitude and she just dropped the paper, speaking freely.

    - Look, they can't harm anyone and just want to be left alone. It's safe and comfortable where they are, there's nothing to worry about.

    At this moment, she knew she said something she couldn't simply take back. They heard her and would do something stupid, because that's what curiosity make you do, being reckless and blind to unexpected dangers and consequences.

    And it happened.
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  7. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    The Mistake took forms.

    Advertisment, promotion campaign, new-age tourism.
    The whole mystery was already a sufficient gimmick but they designed an even more effective bait.

    "Come explore Dream Island and its mirror universe !"

    New ways to make money, make a buzz, be popular.
    If we had to apply a metaphor to it, we'd take a big tsunami. Unstoppable wave of hype coming through the world, using social networks to spread and create ripples.

    The Island became viral.
    Its ideals too, contagious amazement making its rampage across the entire "art'&'science" world.
    It appeared as the most recent evolution step for mankind, the ability to walkthrough and explore dreams, conquer reflected realities, gaseous paintings using memories as colors. Endless smoking labyrinths.

    The girl was horrified.
    Because she knew, she dreamt of something similar before she decided to come to the Island.

    Gaia Sophia contained less and less people.
    The silent, peaceful, serene apocalypse.
    A departure for mankind from the physical realm, into the Dream.

    She stayed.
    So did he, the art director who did let it all happen.
    He nourished the Mistake and financed it because his fascination blinded him.
    Long term consequences isn't something you easily keep in mind when you're an artist, he learned that lesson. The hard way.

    - Why are you staying ? she asked.

    The man looked up to her; they were on a beach of the Island, where it all began, and it is now ending. This twilight was humanity's, when all the lights go out and the dreaming starts.

    - I don't know, maybe it's my way to apologise. I'm the one who dragged everyone into this mirage on the ocean, living alone in this world would be an appropriate punishment; he replied.

    The girl smiled.

    - I'm sorry, but that's not how it works; you can't choose your own punishment. By the way, i think you try to do that because you think you'd deserve much worse if somebody else was there to judge you.

    Was she judging him right now ?

    - Well you're here now, aren't you ? said the man.

    She shook her head in a negative meaning, still smiling.

    - You know there's no time left for that. There's not much time left for anything, in fact.

    Nevertheless, there was time.
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  8. Zekh

    Zekh Dimensionaut

    Light was disappearing in the horizon, like an eye closing on the empty shell of humanity. Maybe the sky decided to escape through the dream too.
    Only a few rays remained, the man who started it all and the girl who lit the powder.
    Were there still things to do ? Deliver the killing blow on an agonizing dimension.

    - I'm going to meet the consequences of my actions now; he said.

    - You're in a hurry ? she replied

    He gave her a shrug

    - What hurry ? There's no time left, you said it yourself.


    He went to the ritual cave, this place that ate everyone; he actually never came into this rocky bowel, this was the first and last time he'd walk this path.
    Except he wasn't here to sleep, unlike everyone else. He came to confess, whisper his "crimes" to the stone and get the echo back to him, so he could give the words for the Earth to remember.

    - There we are.

    The cave repeated his sentences, like a vocal mirror.
    He was kinda speaking to himself.

    - I followed the mad path of art. It ended the world here so a new one can start elsewhere, except the dream cannot exist without the physical reality. It stops being a "dream", a window to escape a dull or harsh existence, sometimes a bubble of imagination too. I killed all that, people left this planet and no one will ever dream. They will walk among stars and aetheral landscapes. No body, no memory, barely what's left of a soul. No more birth, no more death. Silence and immobility. Oblivion.

    Painless and calm tears came out from his eyes. His speech was bitter, like disgusting words he had to let out of his mouth. Thoughts and regrets, leaving his head to make it lighter.

    - I played, wanted to show new sorts of art, entertainment, hell i even tried to make money out of it. Passion turned into obsession, i'm a victim of my own fascination.

    His energy was slowly diminishing, sleep couldn't be far.

    - To the forces of this place, this other plane. I'm willing to pay what's left of me, to fix everything. Give us a future so we can live and dream like we used to.

    Echoes again.

    His eyelids were closing, there was no sense fighting it, this is how it was supposed to end anyway.

    Before falling asleep, his echo turned into some new sound, a different voice. A reassuring , feminine voice.
    - "Ahnayro."


    He woke up.
    In his bed.
    At home, in a populated world, right after one of his first nights as a dreamseeker.
    Observing around him, he rushed at the window. Paris.
    He opened the window and took everything his senses could catch. Landscapes, colors, sounds of people chatting.

    Only then he understood two things.
    Dreams are a break from reality, that's what they're for.
    But you need a reality to break from.

    The second thing, he wrote on the wall, to remind himself forever.

    "Dreams are warnings."

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