The Debrief Episode 2

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    "THE DEBRIEF" podcast will be a series which aims to analyze, discuss, break down, and trigger people on the missions, lore, and more of The Black Watchmen. THE DEBRIEF will contain spoiler alerts, so always be aware of that. Every episode will be on Twitch and then released on YouTube.

    THE DEBRIEF - Episode 2
    Mission Set
    : A Worthy Opponent, S2 Missions 24-27
    When: 10:00 AM Eastern / 3:00 PM UTC on Saturday, March 12, 2016
    Who: frayCORE (me), @dylanamite , and @MidDipper

    What: I will be streaming the entire mission set on Friday they day before the show.
    When: 6 PM Eastern / 11 PM UTC on Friday, March 11, 2016
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  2. MidDipper

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    Get hype, bitches.
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  3. Aquilas

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    For the first time ever, it looks like I will not be solving the missions on a live stream. It appears SIGIL has infiltrated my PC and is blue screening me repeatedly while I am solving the missions.

    I have cancelled the missions stream in order to repair my PC and solve the issue.

    @MidDipper and @dylanamite will most likely be quite literally DEBRIEFING me on tomorrows show. I will literally be a fellow agent requesting a DEBRIEF from them on the missions and current situation.
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  4. MidDipper

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    I actually really like this concept and want to keep it. Downside: you would get super spoiled every mission set.
  5. Aquilas

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    Haha, it might work out really well honestly. Will see how it goes tomorrow.

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