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  1. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    Welcome Agent. My name is JantsoP and I will be your tour guide today. On this thread I will tell you, how to connect to our secure IRC network.

    What is IRC?
    It’s our global communications network for all of our agents.

    How I can connect to it?
    You can connect to it via KiwiIRC here (live chat icon is missing o_O)

    But I don’t know how to use IRC. Is there any help for me?
    Well now since you mention it, there is. Agent @MidDipper (R.I.P) has done an IRC crash course where she tells all you need to know about the IRC and its commands.

    What are the settings for the network?
    They are simple :)
    Ports: 6667 (Normal) and 6697 (SSL) (SSL Is not yet opened up on the server so hang in there) (coming soon(ish))

    Can I add them on my own client and/or mobile too?
    Sure you can. In fact, our Agent @Santiak has done an awesome tutorial for it which you can find here

    Who is in charge in the IRC?
    All members the of the Development Team

    Who are they?
    @Anashel - Game Developer
    @Jarobi - Game Developer
    @crux - Game Devloper
    @kait_zilla - Puppet Master

    Who are Turtle and Agent_Doge?
    They are bots. Turtle is for checking links and is our trigger bot. Agent_Doge is our IRC log bot. It logs channels which are needed for the game. You can see all the logs from here

    If i have an technical issue regarding the IRC, who i need to contact?
    In this case, you need to be contacting me (JantsoP) at the first sign of technical issue. Those are like, connection issues etc. I recommend sending an PM to me via forums since then i can get back to you when ever i see the message.

    All IRC related updates/upgrades are posted on this thread. All upgrades are scheduled and they are mostly always when there is no big event going on (new mission set or live mission) Unless an major malfunction comes around, then the maintenance will be done at once. All servers are monitored for 24/7 for malfunctions.

    If i missed something or have any question regarding IRC, you can PM me here or at IRC.

    Yes, i know this is a repost, but the old one is locked and a lot have changed since then. This will be kept up-to-date... Mostly.
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  2. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    I'm scheduling an maintenance for the whole IRC network.
    I will be updating the softwares we use on the backend + at the same time, i add support for SSL commections.
    Just in time for the holidays + live event.

    Affected services:
    Whole backend (IRC + Services)
    Estimated downtime 30min-1h
    When? Friday 16th of December at 12:00 GMT
    Due an IP change (thanks isp), the maintenance is postponed until i get that sorted.
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