The Bergen Files

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  1. Eveningfall

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    In an effort to get some more people in my area to join the game I have made a small series of puzzles that will eventually lead them to TBW. I'm sharing the puzzles here as well, although I am sure the senior agents here will have no problem working their way through them. New parts of the story will come once a week.

    To: Those with potential
    Location: Bergen, Norway

    Follow the clues, and find the name of a holy building. Send the name of the building to the following address and await further orders:


    A helpful hint: pastebin
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  2. dylanamite

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  3. Eveningfall

    Eveningfall Senior Agent

    The church on the photo is indeed St. John's Church. However, as the mission mentions clues there might be more clues hidden in the image. The devil is in the details
  4. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Looks like I missed something before!

    The letters sdcsDwQx appear
  5. Eveningfall

    Eveningfall Senior Agent

    Well spotted. Now, could these letters be a clue towards something? Is perhaps the red St. John's Church a red herring? (I had to... )
  6. Eveningfall

    Eveningfall Senior Agent

    Just a heads-up that all the clues for part 1 of this has yet to be found! Updated the first post with one more hint. Will make things a bit clearer in the final version of the puzzle.
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  7. Reynard

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    Clues have been followed and answer emailed. Now we wait to hear more.
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  8. Eveningfall

    Eveningfall Senior Agent

    With the new information about sandbox missions I will use the experiences and feedback from this test, as well as feedback from my friends here in my hometown, to eventually develop this storyline into a sandbox mission.
    Thank you to those who gave this first part a try, and I hope to see you again at a point in the future when this might be used in the sandbox!
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