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    Hello, Cmdr Rabbit here, i dunno how the div66 rp works these days but i still wanna join because it seems fun, so yeah, here comes my character's file :

    Name: Johan R. Debussy
    Agent Name: Moonlight
    Age: 23
    Birthday: the 21st of December
    Rank: Cybertech Agent
    Position: Newbie that works for NT4
    Speciality : Social Engineering
    Nationality : French
    Physical Appearance : Messy curly black hair, Brown eyes, white pale skin, wears usually a black hoodie and blue jeans
    Story : Johan is a young adult who loves Hacking his way through stuff, so much so that he started hacking his way into places he wasn't supposed to, he was eventually the brain of a massive attack against CIA that revealed a lot of info on their doings, he quickly became the face of privacy, but sadly he eventually got arrested, this arrestation disguised by the government as his death was so he could be interrogated on his doings then killed in all anonymity, but that was before TBW got wind of his doings and decide to recruit him as an asset, he is now part of NT4.

    This is it, if you have any suggestions before i'll delete this thread and post it in the shared canon thread, post it
    I'm open to all criticism and will do my best to make this a better character

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