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Discussion in 'General' started by Jarobi, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Jarobi

    Jarobi Puppet Master

    Hello Agents,

    You are all members of a secret paramilitary organizations...and that is how we want things to stay. Secret.
    The Black Watchmen can't be mailing out packages with their logo. It would blow their cover, and that of the agent receiving the package. So we need a front company or group. Same goes with Caller ID.

    We are considering a rolling cover, something that would change every couple of weeks. There has been some discussion about this is the RP forums already, but we wanted to have a contest too, and Dispatch is not a fan of contests.

    The post with the most likes at 18:00 UTC July 7th will become the next cover (we have one planned for this week), and the creator will win a TBW T-Shirt!
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  2. Catalyst

    Catalyst Gold Member

    I've been running under "Valley News" with the domain valleynewsonline.info for email addresses.
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  3. Dcsmall

    Dcsmall Active Agent

    What about a delivery service name? Something like A&S Worldwide, nothing looks suspicious if it has a delivery service name on it as most amazon and ebay deliveries have the delivery company on the package and not the actual seller ( in my experience anyway).
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  4. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Not a group as such, but an anagram: Malthe H.C. Newtback
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  5. thatangryviking

    thatangryviking Viking Turkey | The Bot Slayer

    Movemedia Corp - Name doesn't say much and doesn't make anyone question why a company with such a name would be moving out packages. Remember with a cover name we don't want to be remembered.
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  6. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    Livewire Incorporated. Agents could pose as workers for utility startups soliciting for business while on the phone. Utility business also often send packages such as DVR's or routers, and can send repairmen for either internet, power, or cable. This covers sending agents or packages nationwide. Even if a target isn't a "client" of our company, we could claim to be subcontractors of their providors. The name Livewire could be applied to a variety of utilities, and if the agents are there to bug a place, would also provide a nice amount of irony.
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  7. Timothy Foster

    Timothy Foster Senior Agent

    I got it! SETEC ASTRONOMY...or is that one taken?
  8. Timothy Foster

    Timothy Foster Senior Agent

    In all seriousness, it should be something generic but also not tempting for others to open. Something like "Sermon of the month club".
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  9. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Okay, so I think it's obvious what my entry is going to be in relation to, but here goes anyway. Turtle Apparel. Nobody in their right minds would ever question apparel packages being distributed across the world. It's the perfect cover. It's completely unrelated to anything spy-ish too.

    EDIT: Okay, so having put a little bit more effort in to this (yes, my completely fake cover company is worth the effort) with an actual t-shirt editor I made a couple Mock Turtle (see what I did there? Mock Turtle Soup?) Tees so you can all see the vision I have for our cover company and used Comic Sans because as if the name wasn't off putting enough to investigate, the font will be. (Props to rin for the Password one <3)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Koltar

    Koltar Active Agent

    The Bond books/films always use an import/export cover for a reason: explains lots of travel, no direct production, always moving things and information around. And a large enough company would be a good way of introducing agents at large events "Oh, I am soandso from the LA branch of <blank>". Business cards/logo with a call sign?

    Anyway, rant over.... maybe Oversight Logistics International, or something like that?
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  11. Timothy Foster

    Timothy Foster Senior Agent

    I like this. Also, we should have a cover website replete with misinformation.
  12. Xinapstrink

    Xinapstrink Active Agent

    Johnny's Pizza Delivery. You can get in any high-security building with a pepperoni pizza.
    I saw that in a movie.
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  13. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    Since we seem to have an interesting connection with shady medical groups, and we need something that would make sense for us to receive several packages from, why not go with...say, Catalyst Pharmaceuticals? People receive prescription packages often enough, people wouldn't question it too much, and there's enough variance in possible products that could be sent that they could be used as code by themselves. Plus, a reference to one of our agents and Mission 415.
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  14. Dcsmall

    Dcsmall Active Agent

    Just on that basis for a "club" what about a book club as a cover? It would deter most people as they would assume it's just a book that the receiver is getting in the mail and going to read and wouldn't question it giving the agents complete secrecy and avoids any risk of questions rising.
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  15. Lyrah

    Lyrah Senior Agent

    Anything very ambiguous-I suggest P.L.I.G. With or without the periods.
  16. ccik

    ccik Active Agent

    Smith In- and Exports, INC.
  17. Svyaz

    Svyaz Senior Agent

    Valkyrie Inc.

    Want to conceal something? Make it as vague as possible but still sound legit. (As in, no name that suggests a purpose.)

    Want to conceal something AND sound cool?

    Make it as vague as possible and reference mythology.

    Bonus points: It's not the name of any RL corporation.
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  18. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    How about a weekly randomized numerical corp? Ie 321451 Corp After 7 days select another sequence. (I know not very imaginative but it could slip under the radar for quite a long time)
  19. Ugly

    Ugly Senior Agent

    Brown and Williams Custom Stationary LLC

    If we're going to be changing it regularly, it would be nice to have key letters or words that would identify the sender to agents. I combined that with the most boring type of company I can think of that would be sending packages. That said, I'm totally gonna go vote for turtle apparel now.
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  20. Aquilas

    Aquilas Senior Agent

    Hawaii Card Company

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