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  1. Atryx10

    Atryx10 Active Agent

    I needed help with solving the following:

    RESPICE POST TE : I don't know the image, some ancient painting of what I believe to be a burial ceremony - Stone memory, forever in decay -- Solved
    To come to the solution, think of tombs.

    CAUSE OF DEATH : I don't know the image, some ancient painting depicting injured or dead people lying in the street - When the ice pick slipped, as the camera clicked -- Solved
    This one, I believe to be the hardest one. This is what you have to do to find the answer:
    You have to find the cause of death for the artist behind the painting on the card. Then you have to include only one word from the quote you're given, along with the cause of death, when searching, so you can get the answer - which is a date (year).

    EXHUME : I don't know the image, some ancient painting that's plausibly depicting a vampire in the act - Consumption claimed her, then superstition maimed her -- Solved
    To come to the solution, think of famous cases that occured in England.

    DIBIKAD : Picture of "Nachtmahr" from 1802 - She catches them in her webs -- Solved
    To come to the solution, think of objects related to the information you've been given.

    TARNKAPPE : I don't know the image, probably a drawing of an Alp - Teutonic demon pressure -- Solved
    To come to the solution, think of sleep-paralysis
    and how it can correlate to Alps.

    OCCULT : I believe it is Sherlock Holmes on the image - Author's own investigation club -- Solved
    To come to the solution, search for a person's name.[/spoiler

    PURE OF HEART : I don't know the image, some painting of a city - Old Believers drowned utopia -- Solved
    To come to the solution, think of places of interest for the event
    ie. the schism
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  2. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    I didn't solve all of these - and you won't have to, take a look at my strategy post on this page (as I know Atryx10 has)

    Here are some nudges for those I did:

    What is consumption another name for? It used to be that when people had consumption, they thought they were like the image. They thought this more recently than you might think, and there is a famous case.

    What is 'nachtmar?' There are three entities in the paints - some beings have different names for their differently gendered versions. What language is Dibikad in? What could 'nachtmar' have to do with webs?

    PART 2 Dibikad - open only after seeing what you can do with the first clue

    Is there a certain type of device known to prevent 'nachtmar' that has webs? Who is this SHE that catches them in her webs? Could her name come from the same tongue as one that said 'dibikad?'

    Is that hat a deerstalker? What author is associated with a character in a deerstalker? Did this person get involved with any investigation clubs?

    CAUSE OF DEATH: - uhh I forget the image for this one

    Here is what I could get for ones I DIDN'T solve:

    Pure of Heart (I DID NOT SOLVE):
    'Old believers' refer to followers of the old ways of the Russian Orthodox church. For the image search I kept getting postcards. I couldn't find anything about a utopia, but I didn't dig too deeply strategically wrote this one off.

    The image associated with Goethe's 'Der Erlkonig' about a boy and his father being chased by the Wild Hunt. A Tarnknappe is a cloak of invisibility

    Reverse image search got me leads, but nothing concrete enough - perhaps a martyred saint? Respice Post Te means something like "look ahead to the afterlife" in context of it being said in a 'memento mori'
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  3. Atryx10

    Atryx10 Active Agent

    I sadly aren't capable of understanding your hint on Exhume, other than it being
    about starvation and a female
    and as such, can't find anything with the exhume hint you gave me. Because I end up getting something along the lines of: "Top 10 famous people", or "Did you know these famous people"
    (that) had tuberculosis

    Also, what about RESPICE POST TE ??
  4. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    Exhume Part 2:
    We know we are looking for a famous case of Consumption, specifically one that involved a 'her' being maimed after being 'claimed' by consumption. What superstitious beliefs do we know people had about consumption - that it made people into a certain type of monster. In order to prevent danger from this monster, people have been known to perform an action that isn't drawn on the card, but written on it.
    In the context of the picture, why would you maim someone even after they have been 'claimed' by consumption? How would you get to them? What is that action called? Are there well known cases of this happening?

    That got a little rambling. Here is it distilled. Can you find any well known cases of a female being maimed even after being 'claimed' by consumption? How is "exhumation" defined?

    RESPICE POST TE - didn't get much, I'll update the above post
  5. Atryx10

    Atryx10 Active Agent

    Thank you for helping with Respice Post Te. I'd never have gotten it on my own.
    Now, all that's left is Cause of death.
    Also, I already solved Pure of heart and Exhume before you posted, but thanks anyways. I appreciate your action.
    Though, please don't post the direct answer. It is bad. :I
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  6. themadhuman

    themadhuman Division-79

    you're right, no direct answers is better. i never quite understood the cause of death one well enough to explain it. if you want the answer pm me and i'll supply you with what theories i have, no matter how weak and the answer of course.
  7. emato

    emato New Agent

    I am having trouble with one I haven't seen mentioned - THE SORROWS : " The hopeless follow his fatal example."

    It seem like the poem "Richard Cory" who killed himself with a gun to the head, but whatever I try, doesn't seem to work

    Any help would be appreciated. It keeps popping up on the same card place as Respice Post Te, which I also haven't been able to solve. Thanks!
  8. emato

    emato New Agent

    Sorry, can't seem to edit my post and I didn't get the spoiler right ....
  9. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    Have you exhausted your searches for ALL the information at your disposal? Have you combined pieces of evidence? Have you combined information you have not directly used with conclusions drawn from other information?

    Bigger Nudge: - are you SUUUURE you want to read it?
    You are on the right track, but it seems to me you are only looking at one face of what you have at your disposal

    Confusing Nudge that may lead to more questions than answers - my specialty:
    The most famous deal with the Devil of all time was not the first success for this Teuton

    PS - the spoiler tags are made by just putting spoiler in brackets at the beginning, and /spoiler in brackets at the end.
  10. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    Anyone complete Respice post te, Pure of Heart, and Cause of Death cards?

    Also, how many cards are there total? I've got 13 figured out so far, just seem to have the above 3 always pop up and prevent me from moving on.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I managed to get 5 cards that I could answer, thus completing this part. I, however, would still like to know these answers, as I spent many hours on each yesterday, so hints are still appreciated! =)
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  11. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    A few posts above this one, myself and @Atryx10 give out as many hints as we can for ones we had issues with, including some of the ones you mentioned.

    I wasn't able to get them all myself, I thought it was fun to strategically solve just enough.
  12. themadhuman

    themadhuman Division-79

    I've got them all, pm me if you can't figure out a specific one.
  13. kmlycr

    kmlycr New Agent

    I've solved the cards below. You can send me message if you want "answers", because I just noted the answers. :)

    - Exhume, Everlasting, Grimm, First of Pieces, Curse, Occult, Hysteria, Idol, Oyo, Occult Detective, Tarnkappe, Judgement, Blood Vomit ( I hope you can have the 5 of them at the same time :p )

    And can someone send me the answers of remain cards which are Cause of Death, Respice Post Te, The Sorrows, Pure of Heart, Dibikad... ( And the others if exist )
  14. Bleh

    Bleh New Agent

    Got all the answers for:
    Just google the sentence
    It was a pope
    The answer is the pope's name
    It is wrath in Kabuki
    Google "Kabuki Wrath"
    Paket Congo part final word + Memento Mori part final word
    Google the sentence
    it's a foreign word
    with 4 consonants in a row
    Google the sentence
    Foreign word
    Voodoo guardians of the night
    Google the sentence
    The last word of the sentence is a city
    God of this city
    Google the sentence for the epidemic
    Not first results
    Find the men on the image
    Emanuel Swedenborg
    What is this wall?
    How the first emperor of this empire died?
    Great Wall of China
    Jennings drinks green tea
    What's Jennings problem?
    It's an animal
    We're looking for a color
    the fever one
    Google the sentence
    Give me a dream
    Like the song

    Would like direct answers to (in private message please) :

    Send me PM if you want answers
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  15. Darzen

    Darzen New Agent

    Is there anyone can show me all the cards? The timed mechanic is a bit frustrating and I'd like to be able to at least look them up before hand, and try to take a few guess at what the answers could be.
  16. [KZK] sammi

    [KZK] sammi Active Agent

    I am stuck on Ritual Romanum. I've tried googling the clue it provides, and What that brings is confusing me. A good strong push in the right direction would be appreciated, as I'm done with the puzzle, this is the very last piece. Please. I've put 19 hours in, today.

  17. themadhuman

    themadhuman Division-79

    You are looking for
    a young woman who was a famous case of reported demonic possession.
    She died from the exorcism, sorta.
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  18. [KZK] sammi

    [KZK] sammi Active Agent

    Thank you!!! You put me on the right path and I got the answer! Well, it opened up another piece of the puzzle, LOL. :) It's ok though. I'll figure this one out.

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  19. [KZK] sammi

    [KZK] sammi Active Agent

    My status changed from New (something or other) to Active Agent?.. I just noticed that. How does it know if I'm active? :p

  20. codex-13

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    We've got eyes everywhere ;)

    (Just kidding, it auto-updates when you've posted a certain number of messages/performed a certain number of actions, I think!)

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