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    Enter the depths of a new dream, and explore the dark world of Voodoo. Go deeper into the life of the dreamer as you uncover details of her waking life as well as her unconscious through transmedia storytelling accessible with the new Artifact gateway. Delve into the rituals, dolls, yellow death and theinvisible gods of Voodoo

    We have worked for months on game elements which add significant depth to the experience of Ahnayro. We strongly believe these additions will increase the level of immersion in the game and make the puzzles more complex and rewarding. Our table 2 update gives you a preview of all we have been working on.

    The Artifact

    The Artifact is the game’s progression map. It serves as a navigation tool into the dream world and the waking realm, and shows you the connections between both in the protagonist’s story. The waking life of the dreamer unfolds through narrative transmedia (blogs, Tumblr, images, etc) and ARG puzzles. You will also encounter dream gates in the Artifact, which serve as both tests and sources of information for the walking realm. Passing through these gates will yield Steam achievements!

    We have unlocked a limited number of the transmedia elements to test the effectiveness of the storytelling methods. We will adjust the techniques used according to your feedback and open the rest of the map upon release of the full game.

    Advanced Puzzle Mechanics

    A second guardian spirit is introduced to you in Table 2, along with the theme of Voodoo. For this table, we have changed our approach to fragment riddles to create a clear sense of progression within each puzzle. These new fragments give you a starting point with the riddle and certain images, and the remaining images, text and the narration act as checkpoints, showing you that you are on the right path in your investigation.

    We have also redone certain fragments in Table 1 (us as the fragment above) to reflect this new puzzle design structure. We hope you find the new system helpful, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!
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    Add subtitles for audio clips please...
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    Great idea ! It's difficult for non-english to understand... And it is less immersive...

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