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  1. Blade12

    Blade12 New Agent

    I couldn't solve it before the hint system came in.

    2 pieces of info:
    1) where is the pic on the left
    2) King was French, and the gift: 50 livres
  2. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    if you played blackwatchmen you would know this but i don't think you have therefore i'll tell you
    go to you'll find what you need to decipher there
  3. Meril

    Meril Active Agent

    Thanks. You are right, I didn't play the Black Watch Men. So I think its very hard to figure this out for me.
  4. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    did you use the program?
  5. Meril

    Meril Active Agent

    No, I have currently too much to do in my life with other things.
  6. francis

    francis New Agent

    I must admit I am stuck to the yaruban puzzle I know there is a link to the oya divinity but I dont seem to find the answer, there is a lot reference to the niger river but it don't seem to be the answer so I am stuck
  7. kmls

    kmls Active Agent

    You're very close,
    but look for a more complete name. Perhaps not the common or English name
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  8. francis

    francis New Agent

    hmm ill keep that in mind thanks
  9. botherer

    botherer Active Agent

    Someone put me out of my misery. Bottom left puzzle on Table 2.

    I've solved all three puzzles, I've read all four hints, I've read the previous nudges here about Jackson adopting a twin, and something about thinking French, and I've got *nothing*.

    I'm feeling very dumb, but just cannot crack it.
  10. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Those comments are from before they changed this mechanic.
    The answer is a location.
  11. botherer

    botherer Active Agent

    I have spent so long searching for
    anything constructed mid-1800s in that area, which applies to half the French Quarter it seems! The Cathedral seems such a good fit, but there's no way to put that in. As for how the Crimean War fits in... Good grief, this is frustrating.
  12. kmls

    kmls Active Agent

    You're so close. If I remember the puzzle correctly,
    you have the name, just perhaps not name the puzzle is looking for.
  13. botherer

    botherer Active Agent

    Oh come ON! That's the answer?!

    So ridiculously easy I didn't even think to consider it.
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  14. Hastatii

    Hastatii New Agent

    Haha,me too.
    the hint is way too complicated for such a simple puzzle
  15. Silencer

    Silencer New Agent

    Apologies but i'm still having trouble understanding. Can you please let me know the correct answer?
  16. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    you got the years when a shipment of girls were brought in, the answer is the year for the 3rd shipment
    the shipments were to different places btw
  17. francis

    francis New Agent

    I am having a great difficulty with the p voodoo oriented puzzle (The container for the invisible flame) even if I use all the hint possible, any help please
  18. Silencer

    Silencer New Agent

    It has to do with the haitian spiritual objects used in vodoo ceremonies.

    Name comes from African Kingdom.
  19. kmls

    kmls Active Agent

    If I'm remembering that puzzle correctly, you need to find

    something associated with heat, something that can be carried

    specifically, heat in a syncretic religion that you already know

    the 'heat' comes from holding a god

    it is associated with a certain region known for having a big influence on Voodoo

    they can be bought, but are not dolls or things to be worn/jewelry
  20. D.Rick Ster

    D.Rick Ster New Agent

    Hey Y'all So Just started. Very Much loving it. Scissors bottom left: Their odious downfall. What am I missing because I get it and how it connects to what will be the connection puzzle (I assume) but obviously not... :'(

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