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    Hi everyone!

    Thank you for your support during the Early Access of Ahnayro and for your continued feedback about the game.

    We are set to release Table 2 in the coming weeks, and with it come changes to the story structure and puzzle styles. We believe these changes will enrich the narrative experience of the game and create more of a treasure hunt feel to the puzzles, with breadcrumbs slowly leading towards the answer.

    Narrative Experience

    After months of experimenting with the integration of cutscenes into the core game, we have decided to take another approach. Rather than breaking the spell cast by the dreamlike game itself, the narrative content exploring the waking world story of Ahnayro will be delivered through a companion transmedia experience, hidden online and slowly unlocked and accessed from the homescreen of the game.

    You can find more about this here.

    The deeper into the dream world you venture, the further you will be able to explore the life of the dreamer and the forces that control and torment her. This story will be told through blog entries, forum posts, websites and letters from the dreamer and others.

    We want to delve further into the life of the dreamer and her background, and in order to do so, we have chosen to have a single, female protagonist, rather than our planned option to offer the choice of male or female at the start of the game. This decision will allow us to go more in depth with the character and connect her waking self and dream world more closely.

    Puzzle Structure

    While the feedback about the Table 1 puzzles has been overwhelmingly positive so far, we feel that we can create more robust, layered puzzles, which is what we have attempted for Table 2. The images, riddles and narration all play an interconnected role in informing your research, and the puzzles have been constructed as treasure hunts: as you get closer and closer to the answer, you will encounter more and more of the elements of the puzzle. We hope the newly created puzzles allow for more exploration in your research.

    If the community responds well to the new puzzle structure, we will revisit the puzzles of Table 1 with these new technique.

    We printed out a tabletop version of the puzzles, with paper sigil wheels, to test the riddles with a group of 40 people. The tests were a resounding success!

    View attachment 264

    If you had not already had a chance to do so, please take the time to review the game and fill out the survey at the end of table 1, it is extremely helpful for us!


    The Dev Team
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  2. BPotatoes

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    The transmedia puzzle is great.
  3. baktic

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    Would it be possible for us to get our hands on a tabletop version like that at some point in the future?
  4. Jarobi

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    We cam look into releasing the table top version, it was meant more to test the puzzles, but it could be worked into something bigger.

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