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  1. mtk_pp

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    i still can't figure it out .......
  2. zaelong

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    You should find the letter
    and see what shes written in there; theres a familiar phrase
  3. sethloewen

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    Hey everyone! I hope people still check table 1 because I'm really stuck. On the green ? puzzle I'm really confused. I'm pretty sure it has to do with Andrew Lang's fairy books and The Green Fairy Book in particular but I can't seem to find the actual answer. A firm nudge would be of much help! Thanks.
  4. Zekh

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    The thing is, i recall better the first iteration of that puzzle, it was about the creature shown on the cover of the first edition of that green fairy book but now i think it has changed and i can't quite remember what was the new answer, sorry.
  5. tan_nguyen

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    1. look for color of the book. inside the book there are many stories.
    2. look for the picture (or something on the card), is it related to the series inside the book.
    you'll find them
  6. berzerk0

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    Following this logic led me to the answer:

    Look at the color on the corner of the cards. Look at the words on the cards. Look at the corresponding fairy book Wiki section. Notice something about the placement of the card images within their respective books?
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  7. Athene Noctua

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    Yeah, I know this is a very old thread, but I didn't think I'd be too popular if I began a new one. I've only just got started and am stuck on Mission 2 (I think); am I getting anywhere near the answer when I say:

    Does the answer have anything to do with the original artwork for the covers of the Red, Blue and Green Fairy books?

    I'll likely be back with questions about the other parts of that one.

    Oh yeah, one other thing, any hints for the bedroom photo connection solution...?
  8. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    Athene Noctua,

    If you look at the comment just before yours, you'll find the logic I used to find the answer to the puzzle about the
    Fairy Books. If you are still stuck after that, I'll give you another specific one-word hint in a day.

    And for the bedroom connection, a clue:
    The Wiki page for one of the component answers contains the connection answer. Think about it context with the famous woman treated for mental instability you've been introduced to.

    Here's a bigger clue:
    Some treatments only provide a type therapy, while others are reputed to be cures themselves.
  9. Athene Noctua

    Athene Noctua Active Agent

    Well, DUH!!!! Now I feel REALLY stupid, cheers Ahnayro! Talk about it being bleeding fucking obvious once you've seen it! :mad:
  10. Athene Noctua

    Athene Noctua Active Agent

    Look again, it's not even THAT complicated!
    the numbers are really a red herring and can safely be ignored
  11. Athene Noctua

    Athene Noctua Active Agent

    Introduced to...? You're assuming that I knew nothing about her. Probably best not to make assumptions, she was well studied at O Level.
  12. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    Alright, I'll rephrase as "the game has mentioned." I used introduced since she may or may not be the only one the game mentions throughout.
  13. Akriloth2160

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    I'm having trouble finding the connection between the four clues in the photograph.
    I have a feeling the last three slots are -OTHERAPY, but nothing on the wheel seems to make sense, even after looking into each of the four objects for possibly finding some form of treatment that matches up.
  14. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    If you look at my last post with spoilers, I address this.
    If thats not enough still then...

    Maybe it's time to take a break, give it a "rest" for a while. That might cure your mental blockage

    That's a hint by the way, not a comment on you.
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