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Discussion in 'General' started by Gilgamesh0306, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Gilgamesh0306

    Gilgamesh0306 Active Agent

    This campaign was great again, I feel dirty now. That poor man.
    But I had a few immersion and continuity issues which I would like to address here. Of course it is all a very big spoiler!

    a) When searching Oliviers phone in mission 2, his text about "he didn't do it" already pops up - even it is a result of us completing this mission, so the timeline is not coherent here
    b) In mission 3 when giving a "R.I.P." I am looking not for the day of the accident but for the day of the actual death - which can be easily re-engineered as there is an article as top results in Google from March 19th speaking of last Wednesday 23:30 as day of death.
    c) In Julies Instagram the photo of Olivier shows the same guy as the tattoo artist who supposedly tattooed Olivier, so this kills the immersion a little bit - there has to be another stock photo of a tattoo artist without resemblance to Oliver...!?
    d) In the first step of Mission 1 going for a social engineering attack is really the very, very last option I would go for regarding the intel provided. Also regarding that this mode of attack was explicitely recommended in on of the previous missions (October campaign?)
    e) I like the voice acting a lot and I understand why you couldn't let them speak or write french. But for sake of immersion you could have made f.e. Julie of British or American descent so it would make more sense that they communicate this way (or have at least a French-Canadian do the voice acting with an accent...?).
    f) Remembering how to connect Hydra to the Smart House was tough as completing the similar main story mission was a few weeks back. Perhaps having an exemplary string in the Hydra interface like you have it on osint, sfuzzer and fingerprint would be helpful.

    But still a great job as always, I just love your way of storytelling!
  2. Zeitgeist

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    I think messages from the smartphone should be dated, like emails. Better for clarifying the chronology of events. And as hivemind creator, this feature would be more than welcomed to structure our storyline.

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