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    First, I would like to congratulate the Dev team for this outstanding feature called Hivemind... the way to design networks is simply brilliant, easy to handle and more intuitive than ever I imagined! It was a lot of work (no doubt on that), and there are still things to improve on, but for a first draft there is plenty to keep us entertained for a while. And the first hiveminds showed all the ingenuity of this community.

    But beyond that, one thing I am a little saddened by is the way we access to the hiveminds. While NT4 missions have a background, hiveminds come totally out of left field, "like a hair in the soup" (french expression). I mean you have a list of hiveminds, you select one and go ahead.

    I believe that there is a great deal to do here. Instead of showing directly the hivemind domain, for example anashel.hvm, why would we not begin with a proposal of mission in the form of text, and an optional link button to a PDF/Word/etc. file? Almost like bounty/open world missions, or like alpha mission presentation without the maltego thing. No need to have stylish powerpoints from NT4 campaign missions, just a few lines of text to leave the hivemind owner describe a context or a situation.

    Then, once you have that, you can start your investigation in the 'public' web. You start by infiltrating, for example, superterramlifesciences.org network, then rosenbergclinic.com network, barbizonhotels.com network, and ultimately, discovering the hvm domain. Not sure what you all think about this but I really think the experience will increase tenfold and finally closer to a real NT4 mission in the approach.


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