Suggestion: Ability to osintscan/sfuzzer/portscan a range of IPs

Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by Code, May 16, 2017.


Would you like to see this feature implemented?

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  1. Code

    Code Active Agent

    Title is pretty self explanatory. Would like to be able to scan a range of IP addresses with some of the information gathering modules for faster recon. Should be doable from the command line without needing to script automation for this.

    Could specify the beginning IP as normal, then use the optional flag -r ("range") to specify the end IP in the command. This would then change the -t flag to represent the amount of time you want to spend on EACH target. (Open to suggestions, maybe still make -t the overall time for the entire group and have that time evenly divided between each target.)
  2. Orion

    Orion Active Agent

    If this was implemented, then I foresee little usage of multiple workstations, unless I am missing the purpose of the workstation bar on the left.
  3. Code

    Code Active Agent

    I think it's kinda personal preference. I for example like to split up my work to have information gathering on one workstation, network intrusion on another, and Hivemind stuff on a third.

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