Subject: Happy Holidays

Discussion in 'Division-66' started by Wo1fsBan3, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    From: [email protected]

    Dear Agents,
    I would like to start this message by wishing all agents reading this a happy holidays. Yes, it is that time of year again, and I know everyone's got the Christmas Spirit. Except old Agent Scrooge, but we don't generally count him in with the Spirit.

    Anywho, I'd like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all of you for a good, old-fashioned Christmas (Holiday) party down in the lounge, on December 25th at about 1800 (barring a major incident). There will be a potluck feast, so please bring some of your favorite Christmas dishes, White Elephant Gift Exchange, some party games, music and dancing, a bonfire, and the shooting range next door will be converted into a Nerf gun battleground. I will personally not be providing much alcohol, but if you want to bring some, feel free. I feel like this will help us wind down our nerves after being on the job for so long, and it would be a nice time to let our hair down, so to speak. God knows we all need it.

    Hope to see y'all there, and Happy Holidays!
    Agent Wo1fsBan3

    P.S. ANY gifts with supernatural powers or origin are subject to investigation and/or detainment. I don't want any of our agents getting cursed.

    P.P.S. Spiking hot chocolate or eggnog with pure alcohol will not be tolerated... We all know how bad of a hangover that gives agents. So please, please don't do that.
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  2. Ravenhold

    Ravenhold Senior Agent

    To: Division 66
    Subject: Re: Happy Holidays

    Hey Wo1fsBan3,
    Question: Are we bringing our own Nerf weapons or will they be supplied when we get there? Also, if we supply our own, Can they be modified? If they can be modified, Is there a set limit to the strength of the springs? I have to ask, because i have Nerf guns that can shoot holes into card board boxes. . .^^'

    Otherwise, this all sounds exciting. To be honest though Christmas isn't my favorit holiday, but it'll be good to see and talk to everyone. It isn't often that you ever see all of us in one place for an extended amount of time. . .

    See you there!
    Agent Ravenhold
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  3. themadhuman

    themadhuman Division-79

    Sounds great, though I am still traumatized from the last agency party I attended... it was not pretty.
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  4. acentes

    acentes Active Agent

    To: Division 66
    Subject: Re: Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Wo1fsBan3,

    Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances I will be unavailable to attend the party (sadly this would be my first Holiday with the rest of the staff) I have a rather complex field op I am working on (more akin to being ***** ****** in to) which will test both my mental capacities and physical prowess.

    My Mission CO assures me that I have survived this OP before in past years but alas this time I WILL get those samples of the ****** ****

    Also as a fair warning my Mission CO has sent along one of her ******'s "famous" ***** ****'s I advise having ample quantities of digestive medication and/or a Class 4 Personal Mounted Incendiary Device and its accompanying Class 1 Fire Extinguisher.

    Agent Acentes

    (( occ wise I get to visit the in-laws Christmas weekend. Yay -))
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  5. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    To: Division 66
    From: [email protected]

    Subject: Re: Re: Happy Holidays

    Dear Agents,

    This is in response to some questions that have been asked. First off, Ravenhold, some guns will be provided, but you can certainly bring your own guns if you want to... that being said, some more heavy duty body armor seems to be necessary then.

    Next, TMH. As I said, spiking the drinks is strictly prohibited. I will personally be checking the punch and other drinks at random intervals, and anyone whom I see spiking a drink that isn't his or her own will be kicked out and infected with a powerful computer virus. Let this be your only warning.

    However, Alcoholic drinks aren't prohibited, if you want something harder than wine or beer. The only stipulation is that you must drink your own alcohol, or someone must ask for yours. You cannot force alcohol on someone who doesn't want it... basically don't be a douche.

    Finally, sorry to hear that, Accentes. I hope your mission is successful, and that you still have a warm place to stay during said mission. Happy holidays.

    Happy holidays, Agents.
    Agent Wo1fsBan3
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  6. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    (OOC: I hadn't planned on actually having a role-play/party thing, but would you guys be interested in doing that? Just something that came to me this morning)
  7. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    (let's do it)
  8. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    after valentines incident ive made sure any and all experimental substances from Micro-C, have been catalogued and securely locked away.
    ive been keeping close tabs on all inventory since the audit a few months back, and everything has been accounted for, so im 99% sure there will be no occurances of any spiking with my materials; there is however, still the 1% off chance that the culprit from the valentines incident still might have some leftover samples...
  9. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    Well, I guess double and triple checking various foods and drinks is a must then... I'll recruit a scientist or two
    (OOC: Would an RTD be a good idea, or not, considering the activity? It seems to take up a lot of time... but I thought it was a cool idea and wasn't able to join last time)
  10. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    (RTD is a huge pain in my opinion.)

    Hey all, figured I'd drop a line in this thread... I'm planning a New Years Eve party this year, already got the go-ahead to host it in the large staff room across from what used to be the on-site chapel. The party is going to be a 'lock-in', so no leaving halfway through (for liability reasons I guess). I also need RSVPs in advance to forward along to site security, so they know who is meant to be here for the overnight into the new year. Hope y'all can make it!
  11. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    (Fair enough... seems very time and energy intensive)

    I think I could make it... Sounds like fun. I look forward to it.
  12. Ravenhold

    Ravenhold Senior Agent

    Enters through the lobby dragging a pull cart behind me, which is stacked with presents. All are wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine. On the top of each box is a leaf tied in by the wines bow. I also carry a duffel bag that rattles and clacks as it bounces around on the strap its suspended from.

    Across my shoulders Hangs my normal holster, in which i hold my service pistol and from which hangs my Identification card. Strapped to my right thigh is a large black holster, in which the handle of a shiny black "Nerf Maverick Revolver" can be seen.

    I pass through security, as i do about 8 or 9 times every morning, and have myself have myself and my packages scanned. I have a short chat with security about my items, and they allow me to pass through.

    I then head in the direction of the lounge. Finding nobody there i wheel my cart to the side of the room, find a table and unload my duffel bag of its contents. A Accustrike, Retaliatior, Centurion and vagabond not sit on the table. All shiny black with a black and white striped barrel cap. Still inside the bag are several baggies of Nerf darts and a mat black plate carrier, on which ammo and utility pouches can be seen.

    I begin taking them apart and checking modifications.
  13. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    I walk into the room, pushing a cart with several storage boxes stacked on top of each other. Stopping in the middle of the room, I look around and see Agent Ravenhold checking a formidable cache of weapons and ammo on a table in the corner.

    I yell across the room, "Hey! You're here early! Mind helping me decorate real quick?" as I open the first box, containing a 7 foot tall Christmas tree and an odd assortment of ornaments and lights.

    As he replies, I survey the room, mentally checking off what needs to be put up- some tinsel and holly on the walls, a wreath on the far wall, the food I have in the bottom box that needs to be prepped in the kitchen in back, a sprig of mistletoe for a secluded corner, table cloths, plates, silverware, a few really good speakers for music, and (possibly most importantly) the specially designed barricades for the Nerf war. Nodding to myself, I almost miss his response.
  14. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    Forty-five minutes from when the party is set to start, and I still haven't gotten everything set up. Raven was jamming out to some song or another, and I wasted quite a bit of time trying to get his attention without being rude. But it's fine, I thought. I can do this...

    I moved the tree's box aside for a minute to get at the food- a plate of cheeses, about 10 boxes of crackers, and a couple packages of smoked salmon, a typical Christmas meal at my house, and 6 or so chocolate oranges- and placed them in their respective locations in the kitchen, then set to work on the wall decorations. I quickly realized that I couldn't reach some of the places I needed without a ladder, and, after a moments deliberation, ran out to ask the janitor to borrow one. He happily lent me his, then followed me in to help with the decorations. No less than twenty minutes later, everything had been set up, including some rather festive window frosting courtesy of the Janitor's closet.

    And now, I thought to myself, we wait. I decided to heat up some apple cider to pass the time, and, after that was done, I set a hot, steaming mug of it in front of Raven, thinking he'd like it. That being done, I sat at another table near him and waited for the guests to arrive
  15. Ravenhold

    Ravenhold Senior Agent

    In the middle of Wolf's decorating, I finish inspecting my Nerf modifications and pull my ear buds out of my ears, which i had in my ears (for some reason). I notice what wolf is doing and get up and begin helping him.

    After coordinating with him on the decorations, I set about placing all of the presents I had brought under the tree.

    (OoC: Sorry, i had figured that we'd be RPing this when Wo1fsBan3 asked about the RTD. I didn't mean to be presumptuous.)
  16. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    (I thought we were, but apparently, people don't show up to things... Either way, carry on.)
  17. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    (Generally that's not how our community tends to RP...)
  18. Ravenhold

    Ravenhold Senior Agent

    (kind figured. From what I've seen its more of a messaging thing. I do wonder how much the RP in this game can actually effect the game though.)

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