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    I just completed a bounty where the objective was to acquire and provide the following BIN :


    and these are the entries I came up with :


    One of these were correct.

    I have to ask ... with some entries - like paths or urls, the Stinger OS will allow you to ctrl+C/ctrl+V the values to ensure that you have them appropriately but yet when retrieving data, as in this case, C/V doesn't work and you have to manually write it out, and with the ambiguity involved ... is this intentional?

    As a means to manufacture doubt and confusion under a countdown making sure that you've attempted all possibly reasons why the objective you think you correctly have isn't working, it could be intentional.

    But if the overall goal here is to successfully infiltrate and retrieve data then the inability to readily determine a "5" from an "S" or an "O" from a "D" or "0" due to the font and lack of C/P ability should be reviewed.

    Lastly, if you're curious as to which entry was correct...
    It was the last one. It's always the last one you try! :D

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